Historic preservation with pure silicate paint

Creating what is beautiful, protecting what is worthy, maintaining what is valuable

Dedicated historic preservation – a historical and technical challenge

Those who know that the past is the key to the present and future are aware of the significance of preserving historical structures. The preservation of our predecessors' architectonic legacy for our children is the utmost concern of dedicated historic preservation, and a great challenge for all involved. It goes without saying that, particularly in the field of the design and renovation of historical facades, the materials used must fulfil the most demanding quality requirements.

„It is my aspiration to always be able to convey the creations of artists in unchanged splendour and beauty to the coming generations, as eloquent witnesses of the respective era."
(Adolf Wilhelm Keim, Pioneer of silicate technology in 1881)

KEIM Purkristalat – bright facades for decades

Developed in 1878 by Adolf Wilhelm Keim, the originator of silicate coating systems, KEIM Purkristalat has been setting standards in durability and colour brilliance for more than 130 years. Predominantly used in historical archit

ectural protection, KEIM Purkristalat belongs to the preferred repertoires of conservators and restorers. KEIM Purkristalat obtains its unique quality from the perfect balance of its high-grade, exclusively mineral ingredients: inorganic, lightfast pigments, selected materials as fillers and pure liquid potassium silicate as the binding agent.

The "original silicate paint" owes its legendary reputation to the innumerable objects all over the world that, for generations, have impressively demonstrated what makes KEIM Purkristalat so unique: Luminosity and vitality even after decades – facades that age with dignity.


Having proved itself in the renovation of historical structures for more than 100 years, it is becoming increasingly popular in top quality new buildings. The incomparable appearance of KEIM Purkristalat paints – brilliant colour designs that visually revive substrates – gives a new personal character, particularly to architecturally demanding new buildings. From a building design aspect, KEIM Purkristalat is extremely diffusible and also scores in the long run with regard to economy – an ideal coating with extreme durability.


Fascinating colour brilliance due to the purely inorganic binding agent

KEIM Purkristalat not only owes its legendary durability to its water glass binding agent, but also to its captivating appearance. The clear, purely inorganic binder enables light rays to directly, meet the pigment particles and reflect from there. This unhindered light reflection causes KEIM Purkristalat coatings to actually shine. The naturalness of the mineral matt surface, combined with the brilliant luminosity of bright pigments, gives KEIM Purkristalat coatings an incomparable appearance – lively and fascinating.



Unrivalled durability due to the permanent bond between coating and substrate

KEIM Purkristalat, the pure silicate paint acc. to DIN 18 363 para. 2.4.1, remains bonded with the substrate over decades: the silicate binder water glass penetrates deep into the mineral substrate, where it reacts chemically. This process, which is also referred to as "silicification", leads to a non-releasable connection between the paint and coating substrate. This connection is minerally-sound and extremely durable. The purely mineral materials in KEIM Purkristalat are absolutely resistant to aggressive environmental influences, such as acid rain and UV radiation. At the same time, the substrate is stabilised by the absorption of the water glass binding agent, thus becoming increasingly resistant.