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Nachhaltige WΓ€rmedΓ€mmung

Insulating the facades of buildings has long since become indispensable, because without it, our homes simply consume too much heating energy. Saving heating costs is a convincing argument. But thermal insulation has much more to offer than that.

Correct renovation from the outside in

New heating technologies are also an important aspect of energy saving and climate protection. However, they only save money and resources if the conditions for their installation are right. A heat pump, for example, can only run efficiently if the building envelope is well insulated and old, leaky windows have been replaced. In uninsulated houses, more powerful, expensive appliances with higher power consumption are needed. Thermal insulation therefore has a threefold effect: energy losses via the building envelope are reduced, the electricity consumption of heat pumps is kept low and their efficiency is kept high. The consumer advice centre also points out that many buildings first need to be renovated to make them more energy efficient before the switch can be made. "Otherwise the heating requires too much electricity and benefits neither the bank account nor the climate."

7 good reasons for thermal insulation:

1. Climate and environmental protection

Conserves resources, reduces CO2 emissions

2. Heat and cold protection

Warm in winter, pleasantly cool in summer

3. Functional in wind and weather

Driving rain-proof and protection against condensation

4. Safe in case of fire

Non-combustible systems - also in timber construction

5. Value retention and appreciation

Schutz der Bausubstanz vor WitterungseinflΓΌssen

6. Embellishment of the façade

Practically endless design options

7. Comfort & pleasure in life

Significant increase in quality of life

Mineralisch gedΓ€mmt ist Mehrwert

Die mineralischen DΓ€mmsysteme von KEIM bewΓ€hren sich seit Jahrzehnten in verschiedenen klimatischen Regionen. Sie bieten hΓΆchste Sicherheit und passen sich unterschiedlichsten Anforderungen und GestaltungswΓΌnschen an: ΓΆkologische und nachhaltige DΓ€mmstoffe, dick- und dΓΌnnschichtige Systeme, Aufbauten fΓΌr unterschiedliche UntergrΓΌnde. Immer mit einem optimalen Ergebnis und den VorzΓΌgen rein mineralischer Putz- und Anstrichsysteme.



Inform you about your possibilities with KEIM ETICS!

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Insulation that is worth seeing

The design possibilities offered by KEIM thermal insulation systems are almost inexhaustible. The depth of colour leaves nothing to be desired. Everything is possible, from powerful to delicate. Even intensely coloured and dark shades can be used on the facade. Creative techniques enable a variety of surface effects and the most diverse combinations of materials create effective looks to outline building shapes or structure facades. Smooth, rough, shiny metallic or matt surfaces in different textures and colours create exciting effects and combinations with clinker brick slips, VHF or solar elements allow maximum creative freedom for an exciting facade design.

Creative plastering techniques

Inspiration and design examples of creative plastering techniques.


Designing ETICS facades

For facades with identity and character.

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Good to know

"Breathing walls" myth
It is wrong to interpret "breathing walls" as the exchange of indoor air with oxygen-rich fresh air. This misconception of "air-permeable walls" dates back to statements made in the 19th century. Mineral systems are open to diffusion, which allows sufficient moisture equalisation to take place across the entire wall. Moisture that has penetrated the masonry can escape again in this way.

Thermal insulation against mould
Mould only develops where it is sufficiently supplied with moisture. If the damage is limited to certain areas, also known as thermal bridges, the moisture usually comes from inside. On the cold surface of the thermal bridges, the relative humidity increases until mould spores can germinate. Correctly installed insulation increases the surface temperature on the inside of the exterior walls and thus prevents mould. 

Protection against algae and mould without biocides
Biocides are often used to protect against algae and fungi. As biocides are water-soluble, they are washed out with the rain and thus not only become ineffective, but also enter our environment via rainwater. The mineral insulation systems from KEIM ensure a minimised risk of algae and fungi without biocides and without the addition of preservatives and solvents. Thanks to this harmless product composition, harmful emissions and polluting waste that could jeopardise our ecosystem are not an issue with KEIM paints.

Species protection on buildings made easy
The renovation of older buildings often results in the loss of breeding sites and roosts for native bird species. However, the modernisation of residential buildings does not necessarily mean that the animals lose more and more living space. KEIMFARBEN introduced nesting aids for native bird and bee species that can be integrated into ETICS and thus make an important contribution to species protection. As part of construction and refurbishment work, new nesting sites can be created for building breeders.

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