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ETIC systems

KEIM Classic-Plus system

A durable facade insulation solution with the tried and tested qualiy of KEIM mineral paints.

Are you looking for a valuable, thick-layered ETIC System with a focus on durability and robustness? If so, our Classic-Plus facade insulation system is the right decision for you.

Safety in construction

  • Thick-layered and robust mineral-render system
  • Durable silicate coatings
  • Fully-developed, mutually-adapted system components

Diversity in application

  • EPS 032/034 – very inflammable for buildings up to 22 metres in height
  • MW 035/040/041 – not flammable for buildings up to 100 metres in height

(Please pay attention to the building regulations in the respective country)

Why choosing KEIM Klassik-Plus System?

The Classic-Plus System is a very durable ETIC Systems with a render thickness of up to 16 mm.
The relatively difficult application of the render and coating system and its continuous mineral quality conveys value and promises durability and colour stability for a long time:

  • Massive and valuable against damage cause by woodpeckers
  • Improved heat storage against nightly cooling of the faΓ§ade
  • Ideal substrate for tried-and-tested KEIM mineral paints
  • With all insulation materials available on the market

Suitable for all substrates

  • Massive brickwork
  • Aerated concrete
  • Vertical coring brick
  • With and without render, respectively
  • Proof of the adhesive tensile strength may be necessary 0.08N/mmΒ²
  • On panel materials in a wood-frame design in accordance with Z-33.47-727

(Please pay attention to the respective system and dowel certifications)

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