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Whistleblowing system at Keim

Do you have knowledge or even a suspicion of maladministration or legal violations within Keimfarben GmbH or the Leonhard Moll AG Group? Then please let us know. In this way you protect and support us all. Your data will be treated confidentially; if you wish, you can remain anonymous. All information will be investigated carefully and responsibly.

The Leonhard Moll AG Group, and the KEIMFARBEN GmbH have commissioned the law firm Heuking Kรผhn Lรผer Wojtek with the receipt of reports and initial communication with persons providing information.

Whistleblowers can submit their reports via the WhistleFoxยฎ web form:

To the form

You can download the data protection information (German only) of the Reporting Office here:


Other whistleblowing channels

Alternatively, whistleblowers can submit their report in person, by telephone, by letter or by e-mail to the following contact to the Leonhard Moll AG Group and KEIMFARBEN GmbH as well as to:

Lawyer Dr. Andrรฉ-M. Szesny, LL.M.
Heuking Kรผhn Lรผer Wojtek Partnerschaftsgesellschaft von Rechtsanwรคlten mbB
Georg-Glock-StraรŸe 4
40474 Dรผsseldorf
Tel: 0211/60055-217
Mail: a.szesny@heuking.de

In any case, describe the facts of the case as precisely as possible, name the company involved, the persons involved, the time and place of the incident and provide names of possible witnesses. If possible, also send documents such as pictures, mails etc. supporting the suspicion.

Do you have any other general questions?

For general questions, you can always contact our HR department:

- Alexander Haro: 0821/4802-103, alexander.haro@keimfarben.de
- Evelyn Miller: 0821/4802-154, evelyn.miller@keimfarben.de
- Kerstin Schรถpf: 0821/4802-359, kerstin.schoepf@keimfarben.de

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to other important questions in this context can be found in the following document (German only):


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