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KEIM Lokale Farbwerkstatt

For over 140 years, KEIM has been doing its utmost to offer you the most durable paints for facades and interiors on a purely mineral basis.

From now on, you can get colour shades in KEIM original product quality directly to go - long-lasting, colour-stable and in a wide range of colours. We call this service "KEIM Lokale Farbwerkstatt". It offers painters and contractors colour shades in KEIM original product quality to take away at selected wholesale locations in Germany and Austria - without long waiting times!

Mix it to go!


KEIM Lokale Farbwerkstatt - colours to go!

  • Faster: No more waiting time! KEIM facade paints, interior paints and plasters in colour tones directly to go.
  • Safe: KEIM PPF-Technology guarantees you colour products in original KEIM factory quality.
  • Certified: Specially trained KEIM tinting masters on site.
  • Sustainable: State-of-the-art, environmentally friendly system technology

How does the powder get into the machine?

In ten years of research and development work, the KEIM-specific powder tinting process was transferred into a new, innovative form, the KEIM PigmentPowderFluids (PPF). Original product formulations are further processed into colour tones by mixing them with PPFs using state-of-the-art plant technology.

Advantages for you and your customers

  • Perfect homogeneity of paint surfaces due to optimal distribution of pigments in the product matrix
  • Highest luminosity and brilliance of the paint coatings
  • Unrivalled colour stability
  • Exclusively purely inorganic, lightfast pigments for sustainably beautiful colour designs
Experience colour diversity

KEIM Farbtool

Experience the variety of mineral colour shades in just one application!
Find out quickly and easily about shade details, price groups (valid for Germany and Austria!) and the feasibility of KEIM products and shades. For any questions about our colour tool please contact info@keimfarben.de.

Learn more


KEIM Lokale Farbwerkstatt

Find out in our brochure why the KEIM Lokale Farbwerkstatt is much more than just a machine technology.

(This brochure is only available in German language!)

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KEIM LFW service for wholesalers

Our central service point will help you with all your questions about the KEIM Local Colour Workshop.

Monday - Thursday: 07:30 - 16:00 hrs.
Friday: 07:30 - 14:00 hrs.
E-mail: lfw@keimfarben.de
Phone: 0821 4802 -298
Fax: 0821 4802 -4298


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