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KEIM interior paints

Paints have a considerable influence on the quality of indoor air and should be chosen with care.

Paints for a natural, homely feeling

Not only allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief using mineral paints from KEIM. Our paints are guaranteed to be free of harmful substances and are optimised from a building physics point of view. The demands of both aesthetics and a healthy room climate are equally fulfilled. KEIM offers a complete range of interior paints in all three wet abrasion classes and thus the right product for every requirement.

The KEIM mould remediation system offers healthy, biocide-free solutions for the prevention and remediation of mould.


Natural, healthy homes

Healthy, sustainable and ecological interior paints for a better, healthy room climate and healthier homes.

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Overview of KEIM interior paint systems

Silicate paints wet abrasion class 1

Products of the premium class. Maximum abrasion resistance with additional benefits (e.g high-opacity, photocatalysis).

Silicate paints wet abrasion class 2

Paints for particularly sensitive areas (e.g. for allergy sufferers or children) and products with particular colour effects and intensities.

Sillicate paints wet abrasion class 3

Washable interior paint that can be used for a wide variety of different applications and offers easy application.

Lime paint

Natural paints made of deposited slaked lime for modern architecture.

Mould protection

Products which prevent mould, and for the careful treatment of walls affected by mould.

Historic preservation

Paints for historical interiors. Reversible protective paints for paintings and coatings suitable for application onto historical monuments and buildings.

Design-Lasur (Colourwash)

Colourwash paints ideal for interior design.


KEIM. Beautiful colours for healthy living.

Learn why KEIM paints improve your indoor climate!

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