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ETIC systems

KEIM Classic system

A cost effective facade insulation solution with the tried and tested quality of KEIM mineral paints.

Are you looking for ETIC Systems with a focus on energy savings and fast amortisation? If so, our classic facade insulation system is the right decision for you.

Safety in construction

  • Tried and tested mineral render system
  • Durable silicate coatings
  • Fully-developed, mutually-adapted product components

Diversity in application

  • EPS 032/034 – very inflammable up to building heights of 22 metres
  • MW 035/036/040/041 – inflammable for buildings up to 100 metres (Please pay attention to the building regulations in the respective country)

Why choosing KEIM Classic System?

The classic system is a thin-layered ETIC Systems with a clear focus on reduced levels of investment and faster amortisation. Adjusted to silicate paints, the completely mineral structure of the render and coating system promises high durability and long-term colour stability.

  • Reasonable procurement costs
  • Ideal substrate for tried and tested KEIM mineral paints
  • With all insulation materials available on the market

Suitable for all substrates

  • Massive brickwork
  • Aerated concrete
  • Vertical coring brick
  • With and without render
  • Proof of the adhesive tensile strength may be necessary β‰₯ 0.08N/mmΒ²
  • On panel materials in a wood-frame design in accordance with Z-33.47-727

(Please pay attention to the respective system and dowel certifications)

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