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Compliance at Keim

KEIMFARBEN GmbH, as a subsidiary of Leonhard Moll AG, would like to be a reliable partner for its business partners and employees in mutual and lasting esteem.

The basis for this is a commitment to and action in accordance with values and principles that bring out our sense of responsibility and integrity in our cooperation with employees and business partners. The Executive Board of Leonhard Moll AG therefore publishes the following corporate principles and rules of conduct as a guiding principle and orientation for all employees of the group of companies.

We are all called upon to contribute to the implementation and observance of these values in our daily work.


Our corporate principles - What we align ourselves with

We comply with all legal obligations, regulations and principles and act on a basis of fundamental values of a free democratic social order.

We use our material and natural resources responsibly.

We create trust through reliability, competence and open communication.

We show consideration, act fairly and make decisions with a long-term perspective.

Rules of conduct in the group of companies - What we all pay attention to

The aim of these rules of conduct is to protect our company, our employees and our business partners from damage that may result from the non-observance of laws or ethical rules. On behalf of all shareholders, the Executive Board and all management teams, we call upon all employees of the group of companies to familiarise themselves with the corporate principles and rules of conduct and to observe them in their daily work. With this set of rules, we also want to make clear what characterises the style of the Moll company and what makes us a reliable partner for our employees, customers and suppliers.

Further information from Leonhard Moll AG can be found in the following documents (German only):

β†’ Compliance organisation

β†’ Code of conduct

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