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ETIC systems

KEIM Ceramic system

Durably beautiful facades with a high degree of design freedom.

Brick surfaces have always lent style and character to a facade. Even when we build in an energy-conscious way, insulated facades can still be accentuated and designed with brick elements.
Plinth surfaces with a ceramic surface have proven themselves to be particularly durable and weather resistant. Pilaster strips or railings can subdivide a façade and make it more aesthetically beautiful. Former brick facades can be remodelled without losing any of their character. No matter what you are planning, KEIM Ceramic is the perfect solution.

Safety in construction

  • tried and tested construction method
  • depending on the insulation, inflammable up to a building height of 100 metres
  • fully-developed, mutually-adapted product components

Versatile design

  • free selection of suitable ceramics from various manufacturers
  • format and installation can be chosen completely freely
  • high-value brick appearance

Suitable for all massive substrates

  • Massive brickwork
  • Aerated concrete
  • Vertical coring brick
  • With and without render
  • Proof that the adhesive tensile strength is β‰₯ 0.08N/mmΒ² may be necessary

Why choosing a KEIM Ceramic system?

The Ceramic system is characterised by the fact that it uses only a small number of system components. All you need is the KEIM adhesive mortar K and KEIM tile mortar K in order to secure and reinforce the insulation panels, and to bond the ceramic in place. To achieve optimum insulation and sound insulation values, the non-combustible mineral wool insulation board FKD-MAX C2 is available. You can choose your ceramic layer from the many on offer by different manufacturers.

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