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Designing living spaces

Concrete - a building material as versatile as life itself

Concrete – a mixture of cement, sand and water. It is the most frequently used building material in the world, and had already been discovered by the Romans for their constructions. Numerous antique buildings still bear impressive witness to the durability of Roman concrete. Even so, concrete had an image problem for a long time. Many people would say concrete is grey, dull and cold. And yet today, fair-faced concrete with its special aesthetics is more popular than ever among informed planners, designers and builders. For faΓ§ade design or interior construction, fire safety or soundproofing, fair-faced concrete can be used to implement all kinds of ideas and visions. There are simply no limits to the creative scope. Everything is possible when designing concrete walls, from the natural effect of fair-faced concrete to a coloured concept. Distempered, glazed, painted, slurry-coated, smoothed, waterproofed or CO2-protected: every variation creates another look and impression.  

Preserving the natural appearance of concrete

Silicate paint materials do not form a film on the concrete surface like synthetic-based coatings. The binder is potassium silicate which forms an insoluble bond with the substrate by means of the chemical process of silicification. Mineral coatings for concrete by KEIM accentuate the natural concrete texture rather than overlaying it. This is especially the case when the coating is applied using the glazing technique with KEIM Concretal-Lasur for fair-faced concrete.

Concrete meets colour

Concrete does not always have to be grey. Our KEIM Concretal System can be used to apply top quality colour coatings to fair-faced concrete without losing the natural haptics of the concrete wall.
Mineral paints and glazes preserve the character of the material even for coloured concrete designs. Matt, silicate coatings look much more natural than synthetic coatings. Commercially available dispersion paints applied to fair-faced concrete form dry layers between 0.3 mm and 0.5 mm thick, thus levelling out any irregularities and concealing the material texture of the concrete. The appearance, haptics and impression of the fair-faced concrete are changed drastically, and the special concrete character may be lost altogether. The concrete substrate cannot shine through. By contrast, the mineral binder in KEIM Concretal-Lasur allows light rays to hit the colour pigment directly, generating crystalline reflections at a certain angle. Although the substrate is coated, its texture shines through with a natural effect. KEIM paints for concrete are UV-stable, were developed with know-how, show optimum adhesion due to silicification and prevent any penetration of moisture. We guarantee brilliant colours for years! Any risk of flaking paint is ruled out when applied correctly. Please contact us for any further information.

Fancy black?

Black facades are a statement of our times – striking, extravagant and elegant. KEIM Concretal-Black opens up new dimensions in concrete design. This unusual fair-faced concrete paint is available in five different shades of black: Purity, Forest, Pearl, Aurora and Eclipse. KEIM Concretal-Black is absolutely lightfast, UV-stable and highlights the natural beauty of concrete.

Repairing damage with concrete cosmetics and renovation

Sometimes concrete acts like a diva with a tendency to inexplicable damage such as streaks, discolouration, cracks or cavities which permanently spoil the appearance of the surface. This is where concrete renovation with a concrete glaze comes in, before any greater damage is caused. It helps to restore visible surface shortcomings and flaws in the originally intended appearance of the concrete.
This special kind of cosmetics has already "salvaged" a number of famous concrete structures in the framework of renovation.
Fair-faced concrete is a first-rate but also individual material that has asserted itself as a design element in modern architecture. However, it is possible for unwanted imperfections to appear when creating fair-faced concrete surfaces, with blemishes, irregularities, spalling and differences in colour permanently spoiling the appearance of the surface so that the step of concrete renovation is then necessary.
Concrete renovation repairs the damaged concrete structures and cracks in accordance with valid guidelines. Renovation focuses on technical aspects to compensate for any damage that has been caused. To satisfy design considerations at the same time, the fair-faced concrete undergoes additional renovation measures with cosmetic treatment, coating and retouching.
Concrete cosmetics initially consists in restoring the defective concrete surface to its originally intended condition. In other words, defective areas are repaired properly using suitable concrete replacement fillers and mortars. This kind of haptic levelling makes the surface flush with the surrounding concrete as a crucial element in the success of concrete cosmetics and concrete renovation.

When renovating concrete, unwanted colour differences in repaired areas, for example, are visually retouched by applying colour-matched pigments. The special charm of the fair-faced concrete is often preserved by applying the glazing technique in several layers. Glazing pigmentation and coverage are adapted to the requirements of the specific renovation task. In this respect, KEIM Concretal-Lasur offers maximum flexibility for concrete renovation and repair.
Recent years have seen a marked increase in the quality demands for cosmetically treated fair-faced concrete surfaces. Professional implementation requires durable products that resemble the fair-faced concrete surfaces, e.g. even in terms of gloss, while allowing maximum flexibility for accurate matching to the object. These requirements are fulfilled perfectly by the mineral KEIM Concretal-System that is similar to concrete.



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