Chalk - a material in its originality

Naturally simple, simply natural

Lime – the earliest traces of lime being used as a construction material go way back in human history. Lime was one of the first binders in the history of construction and can today be proved to have been used in many fundamental structures from the past. Lime is derived from the heart of nature and is currently enjoying a justified comeback in a modern construction context and in the authentic restoration of monuments.

Lime coatings have a very special aesthetic: characteristic are brilliance and lively cloudiness, not spotless uniformity and uniformity. The lime products from KEIM are characterized in particular by the use of at least 3 years of deposited lime as a binder.

The KEIM Athenit system is specifically designed for use in historic interiors and alternative housing and contains no synthetic binders.

The KEIM Romanit system is a modular system of authentic, true to the original and practical individual components for interior and exterior painting.



Lime-bound paints for the design of an interior living space or facade: Naturally simple – simply natural.


A gift from nature. Healthy-living lime renders give walls a natural elegance. Suitable for both exterior and interior use.

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