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Blog | 14.03.2023

"All birds are already here"

Possibilities of nesting aids in ETICS.

Retrofitting nesting boxes on facades

The renovation of older buildings often results in the loss of breeding sites and roosts for native bird species. Whereas birds and bats used to live in crevices or caves, today they have often taken up residence in older buildings in wall cracks, roof ridges or window ledges. These offer numerous opportunities for nesting. New buildings, on the other hand, are often too smoothly plastered and offer no shelter for native birds in the facade. However, the modernisation of residential buildings does not necessarily mean that the birds lose more and more living space. According to the Federal Nature Conservation Act, replacement roosts for animals must even be created if nesting sites are lost during a building project. If a renovation is pending, there is nowadays the possibility of incorporating nesting boxes for birds directly into the facade - practical and completely unobtrusive. All that will be visible on the facade later are small opening slits, behind which a cosy home for native birds is concealed. There are even special boxes for bats and wild bees. And even in new buildings, new nesting places can be created without much effort.

Building renovation and species protection are not contradictory. Quite the opposite: when buildings are renovated, something can be done for animal welfare as well.

Include nesting boxes when renovating the house

Did you know that many animals fly to the same roost every year for generations? Therefore, you should keep your eyes open in advance during an upcoming renovation: Do the same birds regularly fly up and down the facade of a house? If so, this is a clear sign that birds have taken up residence on the facade.

Experts such as ornithologists, faunistic offices or bat experts can help with the inspection and know which measures to take and when. In case of suspicion, the nature conservation authority must be informed in good time before any remediation is carried out.

The possible costs for "replacement nest boxes" directly in the renovated facade are extremely low compared to the total amount of a renovation, if the measures are planned in time.  Species protection measures can also be subsidised fiscally in the context of subsequent thermal insulation.

In addition, there is also the possibility of nesting aids as surface mounting, which are even suitable for thin insulation thicknesses.

Models of ETICS nesting boxes

There are many different models on the market for different bird species. Examples:

Installed in the facade, the ETICS nesting boxes are barely visible:

The nesting boxes are ordered and supplied as part of our KEIM ETIC systems, installation is easily feasible in all KEIM ETIC systems.

You can find an overview of our nesting aids for installation in facades here (in German language).

View now

Do not forget: In order for the animals to feel comfortable and settle, the immediate surroundings must also offer the right conditions. Trees, shrubs, flowers and meadows that were destroyed during construction or renovation must be replaced. Water and sand areas within a radius of about 200 metres must also be provided.

You can find further information in this flyer in German language: Faltblatt Artenschutz des Naturschutzbundes.

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