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Paints for people and architecture

You have the vision, we have the matching paint!

Golden facade: The imprint in Seoul
Concordia Design Wroclaw Poland
KEIM Concretal-Black was used at a hotel in Poland
Black villa
Hunters Point Library New York
French International school Hongkong
Concrete villa
Castle Berlin

Mineral paints since 1878

Mineral paints by KEIM accompany the history of architecture in the 20th and 21st century. They have inspired architects, craftsmen and artists for decades.

Whether public construction projects, cultural edifices, listed buildings, hotels, schools or single-family houses: our paints stand for lasting values and first-rate quality. We have the right product for every substrate. Paints by KEIM fulfil demands in terms of aesthetic aspects, health issues and equally also building physics. The potassium silicate binder allows light rays to hit the colour pigment directly, resulting in an amazing depth and brilliance. The colour shades shine straight out of the velvety matt surface with absolute colour shade stability. And so KEIM facades remain unchanged for decades.

"I don't think that architecture is only about shelter, is only about a very simple enclosure. It should be able to excite you, to calm you, to make you think." 

Zaha Hadid

Which project can we help you with?

Our consultants take time for your individual projects and work with you to find the technically and aesthetically ideal solutions. Numerous firms of architects all over the world count on paints by KEIM. References of renowned firms such as Zaha Hadid Architects, Rem Koolhaas, MVRDV or Foster + Partners speak for themselves.


KEIM Top class projects

Fascinating, extraorinary KEIM projects around the world!

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Protect and design concrete

Concrete meets colour

Everything grey in grey, or how about some colour? Protecting the concrete on the one hand and implementing architectural goals on the other are not mutually exclusive with KEIM paints. KEIM gives concrete effective protection while preserving its mineral character. Our KEIM Concretal-Lasur offers mineral-matt protection and pure concrete aesthetics. Whether you keep the natural concrete appearance or opt for a completely coloured look, there's simply no limit to your ideas. For particularly extravagant buildings, we recommend KEIM Concretal-Black โ€“ the deepest black for concrete, in five stylish shades!

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Zaha Hadid Architects

Read more about the fantastic concrete projects of the famous architect Zaha Hadid!

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Protect and design wood

Sustainable building with wood

Building with wood has a long tradition and is currently experiencing a real renaissance in modern architecture. Wood is a renewable resource that is durable and robust. It has good insulating properties, thus contributing to a positive energy footprint. We placed KEIM Lignosil on the market in 2013 as the first silicate coating for the organic substrate wood. The drawback of conventional coatings for wood lies in their restricted service life of only approx. three to seven years. Renovation work is strenuous and costly. We have succeeded in transferring the principle of silicate paint to wood โ€“ with reliable, long-lasting protection from weathering, UV light and moisture. The labour and material costs of any subsequent renovation are far lower. There are no limits to the imagination when designing wood surfaces with KEIM Lignosil-Color. Use our KEIM Lignosil-Verano greying glaze for naturally beautiful, silver-grey wood facades. We recommend KEIM Lignosil-Inco for interiors.

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Conservation and design: Schmuttertal Grammar School

Discover this sustainable and ecological school building!

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Unique and hugely rich in colour

The true Le Corbusier colours by KEIM

Le Corbusier's 63 masterful colours, implemented in colour recipes of unique quality โ€“ that's poLyChroยฎ, Les Couleursยฎ Le Corbusier manufactured by KEIM. poLyChroยฎ is the perfect symbiosis of a matt, velvety surface with fascinating depth of colour. Colours full of life, hugely intensive and yet reservedly elegant. poLyChroยฎ colours are available for both interior and exterior use.

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poLyChroยฎ - Les Couleurs Le Corbusier by KEIM

Discover the colours of Le Corbusier!

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Gold for KEIM

In Germany's largest industry survey conducted by Heinze Verlag, around 1,800 participating architects and planners once again rated the manufacturers in the construction industry, their offerings and solutions in 24 product categories. The "architects' favourite" in the "healthy building" category is KEIMFARBEN. We received the gold award for this at a festive event on 09 November 2021 in Celle. In the category "Paints and Varnishes", our company also received a bronze award. 

"The award makes us proud and happy," said Thomas Niedermayr, our Sales Manager for Germany and Austria, who accepted the prize. "It shows that sustainability and healthy living are no longer predominantly associated with "typical" building materials, but that the topic of colour has gained a different perception among architects and planners."

This once again confirms our corporate and product philosophy. Mineral paints from KEIM have always contained only components that are harmless to both human health and the environment. In 1983, KEIM launched the world's first healthy indoor paint and to this day our silicate paints are the only facade paints in Europe with natureplus certification. 

Colours for now.
Colours for tomorrow.
Colours for ever.

KEIM Exclusive

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