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News | 27.07.2023

Render in perfection

Sustainable, tintable sol-silicate render

For a long time, render was considered old-fashioned and was often seen only as a B variant of possible design options. In the meantime, render is back in fashion. It opens up enormous design possibilities and underlines the individual character of each building. KEIM Stucasol, the world's first sol-silicate render, sets standards in terms of durability, sustainability and processing safety. KEIM Stucasol combines the physical properties of silicate building materials with the advantages of sol-silicate as a binder. The render is highly water-repellent, diffusible and non-combustible. The universally applicable sol-silicate render straight from the bucket scores points for its simple and rational processing. With its mineral surface, it ensures a particularly uniform appearance and stain-free drying - even without painting. One secret behind the particularly color-deep and stable render surfaces of KEIM Stucasol lies in the pigment preparation specially developed for KEIM silicate paints and renders. The KEIM PigmentPowderFluids (PPF's) consist of purely inorganic, lightfast pigments for sustainably beautiful color designs and unmatched color stability.

Sustainability is a given: the biocide-free sol-silicate solution is particularly environmentally friendly and the low tendency to soiling ensures reduced renovation frequency and thus conservation of resources. Due to its wide range of applications, KEIM Stucasol can be used in an almost unlimited number of ways. Externally on masonry, concrete or ETICS, internally in stairwells, office buildings or also in the residential sector, in listed buildings as well as in modern residential construction.

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KEIM Stucasol projects

On the outskirts of Albania's capital Tirana, the internationally renowned architectural firm OMA has just built the largest residential project since the end of communism. In order to structure the ensemble of around 1200 apartments in a varied way, the architects of Mangalem 21 relied on a broad mix of apartments of different sizes, on a sophisticated color concept - and on the proven luminosity and color stability of KEIM Stucasol in 24 different shades and natural white.

In Cologne-Ossendorf, housing estates consisting of ten blocks of houses from the 1930s have been demolished and replaced by new buildings for several years. In the Ossendorf garden courtyards, the colorful design of the facades plays a particularly important role. In this way, the liveliness and identity of the individual areas of the settlement are promoted within the large scale, as some of the rows of houses are over a hundred meters long. This was realized with the sol-silicate render Stucasol. "With one work step, it was possible to colour the surfaces without a coat of paint. In terms of work flow, this is very pleasant," explains Ralf Schwietering, representative of the executing company Bauwens Construction GmbH & Co. KG.

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