Enhancing quality of life with silicate paints.

The ecological interior paint KEIM Biosil has been awarded the strict quality label "natureplus". KEIM Biosil is free of emissions, highly permeable and regularly and voluntarily tested for harmful substances by an independent testing institute. Whether in living rooms, bedrooms or offices, nurseries, schools or hospitals, walls painted with KEIM Biosil create a healthy atmosphere and a comfortable feeling.

KEIM Biosil supports a healthy room climate and is specifically suitable for people with sensitive allergies, especially children.

Overview of KEIM Biosil® System Products

KEIM Biosil®

Ready-to-use silicate based interior paint manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 13 300, also complies with DIN 18 363 par. 2.4.1., silicate emulsion paint. Suitable for all normal interior wall and ceiling surfaces (scrub-resistant, wet abrasion class 2 as per DIN EN 13 300). Suitable for allergy sufferers.

Colour shade
White, KEIM Palette exclusiv

Brush, roller or spraying

For two coats: approx. 220 ml/m²

2.5 l, 5 l and 12.5 l containers
Pallet: 32 x 12.5 l / 70 x 5 l

KEIM Grundierweiß (Priming white)

Silicate based priming paint for interiors. Used as primer for plasterboard in combination with KEIM Biosil white.

Colour shade

Brush, roller

For one coat: approx. 0.2 l/m²

5 l and 15 l containers
Pallet: 24 x 15 l / 70 x 5 l

KEIM Intact

Universal silicate based filler coat for interior use according to DIN 18 363 par. 2.4.1., silicate emulsion paint. Filling priming or top coat or filler additive for KEIM Biosil or KEIM Ecosil-ME to fill inhomogenous substrates. KEIM Intact may also be used to produce a render-like roughness on smooth substrates such as plasterboard.

Colour shade
Natural white, KEIM Palette exclusiv or tinting with KEIM colour concentrates.

Brush, roller

Two coats on a smooth substrate: approx. 220 ml of KEIM Biosil per m2

2,5 l, 5 l and 15 l buckets


KEIM Soliprim

Interior primer

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KEIM Spezial-Fixativ

Dilution and primer for silicate emulsion paints.

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