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Interior paints

KEIM Biosil: Ecological interior paint for healthy living

KEIM Biosil supports a healthy room climate and is specifically suitable for people with sensitive allergies, especially children.

Healthy paint for healthy rooms

The ecological interior paint KEIM Biosil has been awarded the strict quality label "natureplus". KEIM Biosil is free of emissions, highly permeable and regularly and voluntarily tested for harmful substances by an independent testing institute.

Whether in living rooms, bedrooms or offices, nurseries, schools or hospitals, walls painted with KEIM Biosil create a healthy atmosphere and a comfortable feeling. 

Colour trends 2022

  • KEIM Avantgarde 247
  • KEIM Avantgarde 248
  • KEIM Avantgarde 32
  • KEIM Avantgarde 41
  • KEIM Exclusive 9176
  • KEIM Exclusive 9271
  • KEIM Exclusive 9432
  • KEIM Exclusive 9494

KEIM Biosil system products

KEIM Biosil

Ready-to-use silicate paint for interior use according to DIN EN 13300. Also fulfils DIN 18363 para. 2.4.1, dispersion silicate paint. Suitable for all common interior wall and ceiling surfaces. (Scrub resistant, wet abrasion class 2 according to DIN EN 13300). Awarded the natureplus test mark. Particularly suitable for living rooms, sickrooms, kindergartens or schools. Suitable for allergy sufferers. Officially recommended by Sentinel-Haus-Institut!

Colour shade
White and colour shades. Can be tinted with KEIM PPF-Technologyยฎ according to all common colour collections.
For feasibility see colour tool at www.keim.com.
airless sprayer, paint brush, roller
approx. 0,11 l/mยฒ for a single coating.

KEIM Grundierweiss

Silicate-based priming paint for interior use. Serves as a primer coat on gypsum board in combination with Biosil white or as a primer coat on load-bearing, organic old coatings, on gypsum board or on substrates with gypsum stain filler in combination with KEIM Ecosil-ME.

Colour shade
paint brush, roller
approx. 0,2 l/mยฒ for a single coating.
Type of containerContainer contentUnit of measureQuantity on pallet

KEIM Intact

Universal slurry coating for interior use. Dispersion silicate paint according to DIN 18363 para. 2.4.1. As a slurry primer and finishing coat or as a slurry additive for KEIM Biosil or KEIM Ecosil-ME for levelling inhomogeneous substrates or if a roughness similar to plaster is to be achieved on smooth substrates (e.g. gypsum plasterboard).

Colour shade
paint brush, roller
approx. 0,25 l/mยฒ for a single coating. If necessary, dilute with KEIM Spezial-Fixativ.
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