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News | 06.11.2023

VDPM launches "WΓ€rme schΓΌtzen" initiative

The Association for Insulation Systems, Plaster and Mortar (VDPM) is launching the "WΓ€rme schΓΌtzen" initiative with immediate effect. It serves to provide factual information and education about the close connection between thermal insulation, heating technology and renewable energies when upgrading the energy efficiency of buildings. The website www.wΓ€rme-schΓΌtzen.de summarizes current findings in a target group-oriented manner for building owners, specialist tradespeople, architects and energy consultants. The newly created Instagram channel https://www.instagram.com/waermeschuetzen/ (#WΓ€rmeSchΓΌtzen) will also provide information in a compact format over the coming weeks and months.

Many decision-makers are dominated by questions about the right energy source and the best heating system. Regardless of the choice made, if houses suffer high heat losses due to an uninsulated building envelope and outdated windows, heat pumps and underfloor heating powered by green electricity are largely ineffective from an energy perspective. Instead, high costs are incurred and climate protection cannot benefit.

The "WΓ€rme schΓΌtzen" initiative explains what is important for building owners. Heating systems based on renewable energies (e.g. heat pumps) only work really efficiently in the so-called "low-temperature range". Buildings must therefore be "low-temperature-ready" (NT-ready). Only then will the switch to renewable energies be successful. This status can only be achieved in comprehensively thermally protected, insulated buildings.

As an active member of the VDPM, we support the "Protect heat" initiative. More information on KEIM thermal insulation systems and the possibilities can you find here

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