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Mould remediation with KEIM Mycal Clima-CS

From 01.01.2023, the new KEIM Mycal Clima-CS will replace the old KEIM Mycal CS board in our product range.

In contrast to the old one, the new KEIM Mycal Clima-CS board is already pre-primed and thus has numerous advantages: 

  • Saves money: by eliminating the need for additional products for priming, our customers can save cash!
  • Saves working time: no intermediate drying time and reduction of working time due to the elimination of manual priming.
  • Protects the environment: Reduces packaging on the construction site. 
  • Creates confidence: Maintains the technical characteristics of all components.

With the introduction of Mycal Clima-CS board, the following products are also changing:  

  • Mycal CS panel is replaced by Mycal Clima-CS.
  • Mycal CS soffit board is replaced by Mycal Clima-LP
  • Mycal CS insulation wedge is replaced by Mycal Clima-DK
  • CS primer is no longer available!

How to apply KEIM Mycal system with KEIM Mycal Clima-CS

This video is currently only available in German language. 

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