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News | 23.01.2023

"Blue Angel" for KEIM AquaROYALยฎ-MW also confirmed according to RAL's new award guidelines

The enormous economic and ecological benefits of external thermal insulation composite systems are generally acknowledged. However, the environmental impacts associated with an ETICS, such as the finishing of the system-related finishing plasters or coatings with biocides to prevent mold and algae, are also a recurring topic of discussion.
With AquaROYAL, KEIMFARBEN was the first company to develop a system more than 15 years ago with a fundamentally different solution approach that already prevents the accumulation of dew moisture on the surface - one of the proven causes of algae infestation. The system is based on a precisely coordinated behavior of the individual layers in a defined system structure. KEIM was awarded the "Blue Angel for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems DE-UZ 140" eco-label for this in 2014. The Blue Angel for ETICS provides guidance for anyone wishing to select a system that is flawless in terms of construction and of high quality in terms of health. 
To support retrofitted thermal insulation in existing buildings and high standards in new construction, the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) has developed award criteria for the Blue Angel eco-label, which have now been revised and tightened. For example, life cycle assessments must now be available for the ETIC systems, and no biocides may be used as coating protection agents, particularly in plasters and paints. In addition, minimum requirements apply to the optical properties of the facades through good resistance to fouling. KEIMFARBEN has been setting standards for many years with its hydroactive, biocide-free ETIC system KEIM AquaROYAL-MW. The "Blue Angel" award has now also been confirmed according to the new, more stringent award guidelines.



The advantages of the KEIM AquaROYAL-MW system

  • Algae and fungus prevention without biocides.
  • Without added preservatives and solvents
  • No leaching of pollutants
  • No moisture damage - permanently dry masonry
  • Maximum weather resistance
  • Unmatched color fastness
  • Safety due to non-combustible building materials
  • Healthy indoor climate all year round

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Informationen zu den Vergabekriterien und den ausgezeichneten Systemen gibt es auf der Seite des Blauen Engels. 

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