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Exterior paints


KEIM Purkristalat obtains its unique quality from the perfect balance of its high-grade, exclusively mineral ingredients.

Unrivalled colour brilliance for historical and modern facades

KEIM Purkristalat contains inorganic, lightfast pigments, selected materials as fillers and pure liquid potassium silicate as the binding agent. The "original silicate paint" owes its legendary reputation to the innumerable objects all over the world that, for generations, have impressively demonstrated what makes KEIM Purkristalat so unique: Radiance and vitality even after decades โ€“ facades that age with dignity. Developed in 1878 by Adolf Wilhelm Keim, the founder of silicate coating systems, KEIM Purkristalat sets the standard when it comes to the protection of structurally-important cultural assets, monuments and high-quality architecture.

Modern architecture demands top quality

Having proved itself in the renovation of historical structures for more than 100 years, it is becoming increasingly popular in top quality new buildings. The incomparable appearance of KEIM Purkristalat paints โ€“ brilliant colour designs that visually revive substrates โ€“ gives a new personal character, particularly to architecturally demanding new buildings. From a building design aspect, KEIM Purkristalat is extremely diffusible and also scores in the long run with regard to economy โ€“ an ideal coating with extreme durability.

KEIM Purkristalat system products

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