Unmatched durability: Mineral paints

When it comes to durability, mineral paints from KEIM are unrivalled.

A facade coating should last at least 20 years – optically as well as functionally. For mineral paints from KEIM, this is not a significant challenge: they easily have double the service life compared to other paints. Even 100-year-old coats of paint are not infrequent.

Façade paints essentially have two tasks – they give a building its colourful face and protect it from outside influences such as rain, UV radiation, heat, cold, harmful substances or micro-organisms. It is little wonder that some paint coatings do not hold up against these constant stresses, which then means: repainting. Or you can choose durable materials from the outset – and with mineral paints from KEIM, you can be sure of great and long-lasting results.

Those who build or renovate a house know to think long term, and to calculate in decades. This also includes the facade, of course, which plays an important role in maintaining value as a weather shell with an aesthetic function. Facade paint is an important element because it protects against the effects of weather and damage due to moisture. But only if it remains permanently intact. Facade surfaces are anything but a superficial topic – it is worth taking a close look at the requirements, and choosing the right materials.

Mineral paints, also known as silicate paints, have proven themselves to be the benchmark for generations. There are good reasons why these paints have such enormous longevity:

Silicate paints are enormously permeable to water vapour, something which avoids extremely problematic moisture accumulation behind coatings that are too thick, and prevents damage over the long term. The water glass binding agent is not only natural, it is also extremely weather-resistant because it bonds chemically with the substrate to form a solid, almost "petrified" base. The result is a highly resistant and UV-stable bond. Thanks to the permanently integrated mineral pigments, the paints' vibrancy is maintained for longer, the surface does not become chalky and is far less susceptible to becoming dirty (the opposite of emulsion paints).


These facts can also be impressively proven: Even today, there are still many original KEIM facades dating back to the end of the 19th century, which are still in great condition. There are clearly more than enough reasons for builders worldwide to place their complete trust in KEIM products.

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