Avoid mould fungi indoors

Healthy living without mould.

Mould – where it grows and why

Discovering mould in living spaces means immediate action is required because mould fungi spreads their spores through the air – these can then infiltrate the respiratory tract and trigger allergies and result in severe infections in children and people with weak immune systems.

Mould spores are actually just another element in our natural environment and can be found everywhere, even indoors. Four fundamental factors are responsible for mould fungi growth: Humidity, nutrient supply, temperature and the pH value of the substrate.

On this basis, mould spores use numerous organic materials as nutrients and then often develop slowly in hidden places. A musty-mouldy smell and dark stains on walls, ceilings or furniture are the warning signs that mould is taking hold. However, if the concentration of mould fungi reaches a certain level, serious health problems can result and action is needed!



Removing mould also means removing the cause

A precondition for the successful and sustainable removal of mould is, in addition to implementing the correct and most suitable removal measures on the areas affected, combating of the respective causes and removing the damage. Those who only combat the symptoms will only enjoy short-term successes.


Humidity and damp building components should be avoided  | Heat and ventilate properly | Building defects and damage caused by damp should be repaired


Natural mould prevention with KEIMFARBEN

KEIMFARBEN are alkaline, which means that mould can find no source of nutrients with which to grow.
Humidity does not accumulate on the surface; it can instead be absorbed and emitted by the paint coat on the wall. This means that walls painted with KEIMFARBEN paints can continue to 'breathe', and remain dry. This is important for a healthy room climate, and is an essential factor for preventing mould.

The high pH value that is typical for silicate also has a mould-inhibiting effect. The mould does not have the preconditions to be able to grow – and this without the addition of toxic biocides or fungicides.

This is a massive advantage, particularly for more sensitive persons such as children and allergy sufferers.

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