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KEIM wall paints - healthy living without any addition of preservatives!


For decades now KEIMFARBEN has been dedicated to develop and to produce healthy living materials. And this throughout the entire product life cycle. It is in the very nature of silicate paints to remain preserved for a long time without the use of preservatives.

Many conventional room paints do contain preservatives - so-called "isothiazolinones". However, no additional  in-can preservatives are used in KEIM interior paints that may cause allergic reactions in sensitive people especially in allergy sufferers and children, respectively. The alkalinity of the silicate binding agent makes it possible to produce our colours without any additional preservatives and as a side effect this special feature helps to protect walls from fungal growth!

Paint products using alternative binding agents lack the essential natural preservation. In order to keep the products preserved for as long as possible additional preservatives are usually used.

On top of that,  our interior paints are regularly audited by independent testing institutes such as the German institute for environment and health (IUG).

KEIM interior paints support healthy living


All interior paints produced by KEIM are without any additional preservatives, solvents and plasticisers or biocides. And thus, especially suitable for sensitive people.

You are on the safe side with all interior paints by KEIM!

Healthy living par excellence - since 35 years!

As early as 1983 KEIMFARBEN sets new standards with the world's first ecological ready-to-use silicate interior paint for healthy living. Since then Biosil is regulary tested for harmful substances by independent testing institutes.

As a pioneer in the field of ecological interior paints KEIM Biosil was awarded with the German "naturplus" quality label. An environmental label that has always been known for high certification standards in the area of healthy building materials.

With interior paints such as KEIM Biosil you are definately on the safe side: All KEIM interior paints are based on these standards and therefore particularly recommendable for sensitive living areas.
Beautiful colors for healthy living

KEIM paints provide the ideal requirements for healthy indoor environment.

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