Mineral pays off.

We all know that cheapness can often lead to expensive consequences, whereas quality as regards the bottom line – especially in construction – is often the better and more affordable solution. Mineral paints make facades functional and maintain their appearance for a long time, and are thus more cost-efficient than one may think.


Those who think economically know how to look to the future because only time will tell what something actually costs. The longer the intended duration of use, the more important this aspect becomes.

As the time span for a building is not measured in years, but rather in decades or even generations, economic efficiency increases with the longevity of an investment. A simple calculation that also includes the facade: Longer renovation cycles relieve the pressure on financial reserves set aside for repairs, as well as the pressure on the nerves of those involved.

This means that the choice of coating system becomes a key factor. It is here, in particular, that mineral paints can show their ability to save money, as they require low maintenance costs and sustain their functionality and appearance for a very long time.

Even if good mineral paints cost slightly more up-front, the materials themselves contribute very little to the overall costs, especially in comparison to their performance – and they make a major contribution to the quality of a building.
Building cheap doesn't pay off – but intelligent investing does. Mineral paints are money saving models with long-term effects.