NEW: Conservation & Creation Edition KEIM

"Fluid, kinetic, parametric: the architectural world of Zaha Hadid."

The latest edition of our publication "Conservation&Creation" will be published for the first time in the new KEIM design, which is a special issue for us in many respects, entitled:
"Fluid, kinetic, parametric: the architectural world of Zaha Hadid."

In the middle of the production of this edition, we received the tragic news of the sudden death of the protagonist. Thus, a posthumous retrospective, an attempt to elucidate the Hadidian universe of fluid construction, was developed from a workshow, which in the two-dimensionality of the print can only partially reflect the fascination that encompasses one outside or even better within the buildings.

As innovative and breathtaking as the play of volumes, shapes, surfaces may be - even avant-garde needs protection from the inclemencies of the weather. KEIMFARBEN is involved in many of the projects with suitable silicatic products - both outside and inside.

We wish you an entertaining and informative reading. Allow yourself to be inspired!


erhalten & gestalten - Nr_14

erhalten & gestalten - Nr_14
Autonomie und Transzendenz
Jörg Niederberger und die Architektur

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erhalten & gestalten - Nr_13

conservation and design - No._13
Chances for the residential construction of the 1950s to the 1970s.

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erhalten & gestalten - Nr_12

conservation and design - No._12
Colour is life - Friedrich Ernst v. Garnier creates architecture

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erhalten & gestalten - Nr_11

conservation and design - No._11
Concrete enhanced by lasur finish

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erhalten & gestalten - Nr_10

conservation and design - No._10
From engine room to media location: A new use for an industrial monument

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erhalten & gestalten - Nr_9

conservation and design - No._9
Le Corbusier's Doublehouse in Stuttgart: A modernist icon finds a new lease of life

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erhalten & gestalten - Nr_8

conservation and design - No._8
Eisleben, the city of Luther - between yesterday, today and tomorrow

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erhalten & gestalten - Nr_7

conservation and design - No._7
Diocesan building authority Eichstätt: maintaining and increasing the value of buildings in a modern way

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erhalten & gestalten - Nr_6

conservation and design - No._6
Walter Gropius and Alfred Arndt: Villa Auerbach in Jena

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erhalten & gestalten - Nr_5

conservation and design - No._5
Erich Mendelsohn, Hans Scharoun and Max Taut: Architecture of the 20th century

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erhalten & gestalten - Nr_4

conservation and design - No._4
Paulus Eckerle - Regional construction in the Altmühltal Valley

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erhalten & gestalten - Nr_3

conservation and design - No._3
The transcendence of colour - the sacral murals by Tobias Kammerer

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erhalten & gestalten - Nr_2

conservation and design - No._2
Joachim Eble, Barbara Eble-Graebener: The colour of ecological building

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erhalten & gestalten - Nr_1

conservation and design - No._1
Colour as a medium for creation in the work of Bruno Taut

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Colour topics

Interesting facts on topics such as the "mineral principle", tips on colour design, the effect of colours and much more.

The beauty of concrete

Mineral colours for a mineral building material. Mineral matt protection for pure concrete aesthetics!

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