Colourful stays colourful

Colours change: Wood gets darker or goes grey, white coats of paint yellow and facades become bleached. The latter can be prevented easily: Thanks to mineral paints with their extremely lightfast inorganic pigments.

Paint is multifunctional: On the one hand, it protects the structure and, on the other hand, it is an important design medium in architecture and urban planning. This is because the paint and its colour underlines the individuality of a building, a street, an ensemble or an entire location. Colour design is certainly all but trivial or arbitrary.

Mineral pigments do not become bleached

Mineral pigments set themselves apart thanks to their extremely constant colour. This is why mineral paints from KEIM do not change for decades on end – because they exclusively receive high-quality UV resistant pigments.

Many paints change faster, while many other change more slowly – this is due to pollution, harmful substances and, in particular, the proportion of UV in sunlight. While dirt diminishes the brilliance of paint's colour, UV light can lead to a change of the paint itself. This involves the binder being broken down by the emulsion paints, which is particularly recognisable given the white fogging in the case of vibrantly colourful paints. Many organic pigments change their chemical structure due to UV light, and with that their colour tone.

Mineral paints from KEIM exclusively contain high-quality inorganic pigments. This consistency is unique on the paint market and guarantees that your facades stay brilliant for a long time.