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ETIC systems

KEIM Windowsills

Windowsills must meet optical and structural-engineering requirements. The rainproof connection to the ETIC systems and protection of the covered railing from dirt through sufficient protrusion should always be considered during planning. KEIM windowsills provide you with an ideal system solution.

Products overview

KEIM CFR-Connect 3D-Reveal

Connection profile as plastering and sealing strip without fabric, with integrated sealing flap made of TPE for three-dimensional movement absorption and plaster removal edge. Foldable protective flap for cover foil. For durable and driving rain-proof connection joints between the frame or door frame and the reveal panel KEIM Reveal-Top. The movements from the building component and the ETICS are absorbed.

Suitable for:

window and door reveals


Further notes on application in the KEIM detailed plans.

Colour shade
1,1 m/m
Packaging Accessory
Product nameType of containerPieces per unitLength [m]Content per sold unit [m]
CFR-Connect 3D-Revealcarton252.5062.5
Packaging additional info
nur in Verbindung mit Iso-Top Flexkleber HP
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