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Creative Design

KEIM Decor paints

 Easy application providing any possible artistic design from opaque to translucent. 

The soul finds pleasure in art

KEIM supports creativity with a comprehensive product range for high-quality works of art. Rediscover your creativity with KEIM Decor Paints. Use the finest and lightfast mineral powder pigments and high-quality silicate binding agent from KEIMFARBEN for your art.

Overview of KEIM decor paints

KEIM Dekorfarbpulver

Two-component material in accordance with DIN 18363 Para. 2.4.1, pure silicate paint. Durable, environmentally compatible, protective mineral paint for decorative painting indoors and outdoors. Allows easy and comfortable work that offers every artistic development possibility. It can be applied both opaque and glazed. The consistent luminosity of the colours is caused by the silicification with the substrate and the high light reflection.

Colour shade
Available in 26 different shades.
paint brush, brush
approx. 0,35 kg/mΒ² for a single coating.
approx. 0,02 kg/mΒ² for a glazed coat of paint
Type of containerContainer contentUnit of measure
KEIM Malgrundmasse

The KEIM Malgrundmasse is particularly well suited as an image carrier for KEIM KΓΌnstlerfarben (Artists' Paints). This ready-mixed mortar contains genuine Carrara marble.

Colour shade
filler knife, power stirrer, notched trowel, trowel, fill
approx. 7 kg/mΒ²
KEIM Fixativ

Pure, liquid potassium silicate, without organic additives, primers and thinners.

Colour shade
clear, yellowish
paint brush
approx. 0,1 l/mΒ² (and approx. 0.1 l/mΒ² water). for application as primer.
Type of containerContainer contentUnit of measureQuantity on pallet
tin bucket24l14
tin can4l96
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