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Feeling good inside

Natural, healthy rooms

Healthy, sustainable and ecological interior paints for a better, healthy room climate and healthier homes

Are you also familiar with the unpleasant smell of fresh paint that takes days to disappear from freshly painted rooms? Would you like to be able to make full use of the rooms again shortly after painting them without the annoying smell of fresh paint and harmful substances? What a nice idea! With the ecological paints by KEIM, this β€œwishful thinking” becomes reality!
For decades, KEIM has been committed to developing and producing healthy construction materials, thus making a contribution to healthier homes. All our ecological paints are based on potassium silicate as the binder and contain no added solvents that could pollute the air in the house. The binder undergoes a chemical reaction that entails forming a permanent bond with the substrate, thus retaining high vapour permeability. There is no unpleasant smell from either solvent or paint, and unrestricted use can be made of the room again immediately after painting.  
This ingenious principle was invented and made ready for the market by the trained potter and fervent inventor Adolf Wilhelm Keim. In 1878, he laid the foundation for the company KEIMFARBEN with the first two-component silicate paint. In the decades that followed, KEIM grew to become the world market and expertise leader for mineral building protection. We still keep Adolf Wilhelm Keim's legacy alive today and are proud to make a contribution to healthier homes. Our products and systems stand for sustainable, ecological construction. We take on responsibility for the environment and for future generations.

Our paints are suitable for allergy-sufferers for healthier living in your own home.

Many conventional interior paints contain additional preservatives, such as isothiazolinone. Keim's healthier interior paints do not contain any added isothiazolinone as pot preservatives that could cause allergic reactions in sensitive people such as children or allergy sufferers. The alkalinity of the silicate binder makes this possible. Paint products based on an alternative binder do not have this natural preservation effect, so that preservatives are usually added to make these interior paints last as long as possible. The preservatives can then trigger allergies.

Regular audits by independent institutes such as the Institute for Environment and Health (IUG) confirm that our paints are safe. We always have pioneered healthier paints for healthy homes. KEIM Biosil has been on the market since 1983 as the first silicate interior paint suitable for allergy sufferers, without added preservatives, plasticisers and solvents, while also being highly vapour permeable. Accordingly, in 1998 KEIM received the TÜV environment label, followed in 2003 by the "Suitable for allergy sufferers" certificate (IUG). In 2004, KEIM was the first manufacturer anywhere in the world to receive the "natureplus" quality label for its KEIM Biosil interior paint. This label makes much more stringent requirements for construction products and materials than the "Blue Angel" and gives guidance to consumers and building professionals  when building houses by identifying the verifiably best products on the market for sustainable and ecological construction.

What does vapour permeable mean for healthy construction materials?

In contrast to conventional emulsion paints, mineral interior paints by KEIM do not form a dense film on the surface that impairs vapour permeability. The moisture contained in the air can diffuse unhindered to the outside and does not condense on the wall. This permits best possible regulation of room humidity with the wall surface remaining dry and permeable, resulting in far better air quality in all rooms of the house. The vapour permeability and alkaline composition of our paints ensure that the house offers no breeding ground for mould. The high alkalinity inhibits mould growth without needing to add any toxic biocides or other toxic chemical substances. Ecological construction can be so easy!

Whether living rooms, bedrooms or studies, in kindergartens, schools or hospitals – rooms, houses and buildings painted with mineral paints by KEIM let everyone breath freely with a reassuring feeling of safety.

Ecological construction with KEIM paints – brighter, healthier and more durable

Natural mineral paints are the best prerequisites for ecological construction and ensure unpolluted air in the rooms. KEIM interior paints are also very efficient and offer unrivalled durability as well as a convincing mineral-matt appearance and unsurpassed radiance. The potassium silicate binder developed specially by KEIM is transparent. In other words, colour pigments are practically embedded in glass. In contrast to the milky synthetic binders in conventional emulsion paints, their "mineral luminosity" shines unhindered from the wall. Our range of colours extends from classic, stylish and natural shades through to strong, expressive colours for healthy living in your home. Besides the KEIM colour charts, all kinds of colour samples can be used as template.
By the way, our paints are not only healthy but also particularly safe in an emergency. They are non-flammable. In the case of a fire, they do not emit any toxic gases or harmful substances that could put people at risk.
Have you heard of the fogging effect? Dark spots can often be seen above radiators or in the corners of living rooms. They develop as a result of household dust and non-volatile organic compounds such as plasticisers. Mineral paints by KEIM do not contain any added plasticisers per se so that they are free of substances that cause the fogging effect. It's quite easy – naturally mineral and healthy!

Numerous certificates for healthy homes

One source of good guidance in the jungle of the many construction products and materials on the market is the website of the Sentinel Haus Institute. Here clients and planners find a broad overview of construction products for building healthy homes, products that have been tested by independent, recognised testing institutes. Numerous KEIM products are officially recommended by the Sentinel Haus Institute.

In addition, the natureplus quality label also enjoys an excellent reputation and is recognised throughout Europe. When a product is awarded the label, this confirms that it complies with high quality standards in all areas relevant to sustainability.

Other awards such as the "Suitable for allergy sufferers" certificate illustrate the highly significant role that our products play for healthier homes.

KEIM's vapour permeable mineral paints have always only contained components that are harmless to the environment and that can be used for ecological, sustainable construction.
Our sustainability data sheets give a detailed overview of all certificates and ingredients of the respective product for sustainable, ecological construction.  

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