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Sustainable paints

KEIM. Sustainability as a matter of principle

The word "sustainability" is often quoted and often used in many areas of our lives and economies. Long before sustainability became a trendy term, our company founder Adolf Wilhelm Keim was committed to this concept: At the request of Ludwig I of Bavaria, the craftsman and researcher was tasked with the question of how to produce a paint that looks like lime, but at the same time is as indestructible as stone and durable for a long period of time. A. W. Keim thus laid the foundation for the development of innovative, revolutionary products.

For 140 years, the idea of sustainability has shaped and guided all our corporate ecological, economic and social activities. For us, sustainable building and renovation means bringing people, space and the environment into harmony. With our mineral building products, we make a decisive contribution to more healthy living, life quality, the environment and a better future.

"For us, sustainability means precaution and care and is therefore more than just an economic principle. It is the most valuable link between generations."

Rรผdiger Lugert, Managing Director, Keimfarben

KEIM. In harmony with nature and environment

Excellent ecological profile

Mineral paints from KEIM have an excellent ecological profile, and this throughout the entire product life cycle: from resource-conserving production, through decades of use of the paints, to easy renovation and disposal of the old paint. Detailed environmentally relevant characteristics for KEIM facade paints and interior paints can be found in our Environmental Product Declarations.

Cradle to Cradle Certification

65 products in 4 product groups have received the Cradle to Cradle Certifiedยฎ certification in silver and have also been awarded the Material Health Certificate at the Gold level.

Natureplus-certified products

The natureplus quality seal proves the exceptional quality of our interior and exterior paints. Thanks to the natural raw material composition and the harmless product composition without the addition of solvents, preservatives and plasticisers, harmful emissions and polluting waste are eliminated with KEIM paints. This quality mark is awarded by accredited testing institutes on the basis of independently drawn up guidelines.

Nominated for the German Sustainability Award 2024

The DNP awards companies that make effective contributions to transformation with innovative products and services, high ecological standards in production and special social commitment in the value chain. KEIMFARBEN was nominated for the German Sustainability Award for the second time in a row and is now among the three finalists in the paints and coatings sector. This shows that the world's leading specialist in mineral-based building protection is among the best when it comes to combining economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility in a special way. In the nomination round, expert juries selected the pioneers from 100 industries and finally awarded three top places - the TOP 3 - to each. KEIM was able to prevail against a large number of competitors and convince a top-class team of over 150 experts.

KEIM. Unequalled long-life - unequalled economy

Paints with lasting value

If you take a close look at the life cycle costs of a building, it clearly shows: Around 80 % of the costs are incurred, among other things, during use for maintenance and repairs. Therefore, the selection of building materials should be based on value and quality stability over the entire service life of a building.

Quality that pays off in the long term

Longer renovation cycles help to reduce maintenance reserves. This makes the choice of coating system a key factor. KEIM mineral paints prove to be real savings models here. A facade coating should last for at least 20 years! For KEIM paints this is no problem, they easily double this lifespan. Even hundred-year-old coatings are not uncommon!

KEIM. For well-being and quality of life

Natural and healthy indoor climate

We spend about 90% of the day indoors. Paints surround us almost around the clock. They provide atmosphere, set accents and create quality of life. But they can also affect the breathing air and release substances which we don't really appreciate. But paints from KEIM are low pollutant and allow an optimal moisture exchange between wall and room. KEIM paints have been proven to be particularly suitable for sensitive people such as children or allergy sufferers. This characteristic has been repeatedly confirmed by numerous independent test institutes.

Colour effect and aesthetics

In addition to the room atmosphere, the appearance of our surroundings also determines our well-being. Colours underline the individuality of a building and have an effect on body and soul. They can be calming or stimulating, motivating or inspiring. Surfaces coated with KEIM mineral paints have a certain look that can be seen and felt. Even with very intensive, full colour tones, the visual effect is never "loud", but fascinates with its pleasant matt finish and colour depth. Whether living rooms, bedrooms or work rooms, whether kindergartens, schools or hospitals - rooms painted with KEIM mineral paints are beautiful, let everyone breathe and give a good feeling of safety.

KEIM. Responsibility beyond products

One focus of KEIM is on Eco-Power

We cover all our electricity needs with green electricity. The TรœV Nord certificate from LichtBlick SE guarantees that 100% of the green electricity supplied comes entirely from renewable electricity generation plants (RE plants).

In-house photovoltaic system

We not only use green electricity but are also able to produce our own electricity due to our own photovoltaic system for our production hall in Diedorf. In addition to the possibility of saving electricity costs and contributing to environmental protection, we see much more potential here in the future.;

Association memberships

As a member of the Association of the German Paint and Printing Ink Industry VdL, we support the goals and principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNCG). The UNGC is the world's largest and most important initiative of the United Nations for responsible corporate governance and sustainable global economy. Joint action for an intact environment is also part of the basic understanding of the Environmental Pact of Bavaria, of which we have been a member for many years.

Certified environmental management

KEIM's environmental management system was certified according to the international environmental management standard ISO 14001 as early as 1998. Since then, an annual audit has been taken place. Such an environmental management system requires for one thing the fulfilment of legal environmental requirements and for another the definition and implementation of voluntary environmental goals within the company. 
In this way, we do not just want to optimise internal processes with regard to their environmental impact, but also support our customers and suppliers in the efficient use of energy resources. In Germany, the most widely used certificate is the certificate of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). International evaluation systems include LEED and BREEAM. KEIM products are used in numerous certified buildings throughout the world.

Sustainability data sheets

Our new sustainability data sheets now contain all the necessary data to optimally use KEIM products in sustainable building planning. In addition to information on ingredients and details on possible emissions, they also include references to test reports, expert opinions and environmental management systems. Plus, the suitability according to criteria of the building certification systems of the DGNB and according to LEED can be found, which provides a quick and transparent overview of which building products can be used in the targeted certification. 




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