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Wood systems

KEIM Lignosil-Artis: Mineral Thin Film Paint for Wood

Easy to renovate for problem-free and economical facade maintenance.

Innovation meets tradition

With KEIM Lignosil-Artis, we are supplementing the product range with a mineral thin-layer paint that emphasizes the structure of rough-sawn, fine-textured or planed wood surfaces. The product impresses with its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, particularly in industrial coating processes. The uncomplicated application and extraordinarily fast drying facilitate efficient work processes. With an average application time of a few minutes to hours for the industrial plant, capacities are increased and cost efficiency is guaranteed. As silicate paint applications do not form a film, the "mineralized" wood surface can be renovated efficiently and easily even after many years, even if only partially. KEIM Lignosil-Artis thus creates the conditions for problem-free and cost-effective facade maintenance.


Advantages of KEIM Lignosil-Artis

  • Easy processing
  • Very fast drying
  • Suitable for rational industrial coating
  • Low consumption (two-coat without primer)
  • Easy cleaning of production equipment
  • Absolutely UV-stable and lightfast
  • Without the addition of plasticisers, film protection agents and solvents
  • Absolutely open to diffusion and not film-forming
  • Easy to renovate - even partially
  • Creative design potential

KEIM Lignosil-Artis system products

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