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Key benefits for facades

Dark colours on ETICS

Sometimes it just has to be black.

Do you know a building in your neighbourhood that is perfect in every way? Materials and colours emphasise the particular quality of the architecture, details are more than convincing and everything fits together, right down to the garden's design.

A truly individual house – despite all of the constraints and regulations that govern building today – not least thanks to the expressive, intensive colour of the facade.

Because when it comes to choosing a colour for your facade, the choice is yours and the sky's the limit! Dark, intensive tones can now be technically realised and are economically viable, even for thermally-insulated facades.

If you are considering dark, intensive tones, remember one important thing – their durability and resistance.


Colour-stability with KEIM

KEIM paints are famous for their unmatched colour-stability. 


A "must-have" for dark ETIC exteriors

KEIM Soldalit-Coolit

Because more and more people want that individual touch for their building's facade, dark tones can no longer be ruled out from use on ETIC systems. The former practice of determining the suitability of tones on ETIC systems generally according to their lightness value no longer meets today's needs. Backed up by long years of use, compliance with a lightness value limit of β‰₯ 20 is still state-of-the-art.  
The ability of the finished surface to reflect infra-red light is becoming increasingly important in more recent discussions of this topic. Lightness value describes the effect of visible light on surfaces in a relatively simple way, but more than 50 % of the energy is absorbed by the invisible, mainly infra-red light and is ignored in the lightness value. Determining the TSR value closes this gap because this is determined from the entire light spectrum.
Anyone who has to stray from the proven state-of-the-art for design reasons is well-advised to use the TSR value to assess the risk of thermally-induced stresses in the render system. The Industrieverband WerkmΓΆrtel e. V. (IWM) has summarised the tests of several manufacturers and arrived at the conclusion that the coating can be classified as thermally stable and safe at a TSR value β‰₯ 25.

KEIM Soldalit-Coolit satisfies this requirement and has a proven TSR value far above 25 for all tones.

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You always make the right decision with KEIM mineral paints!

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