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Captivating Colours

The facade is the face of a house

The facade and its exterior colour is the first impressions of a house. The colour of the building can decide whether we fall in love with a house at first sight. The choice of colour for the exterior paint is of course a matter of taste.



The same cannot be said for the quality and condition of a coating. Is the paint dirty? Is the substrate cracked and faded? Has the paint remained in perfect condition after many years and is it still the same colour as on the first day?

Coating the building with an exterior paint such as ecofriendly mineral silicate paint offers protection from many types of weather, keeps rain and heat out, withstands storms and influences the indoor climate. External stresses will eventually leave their mark on the paint and its substrate. This can also cause external damage to the wall. The ageing of an elevation and its paint depends on the location of the house and its surroundings, the substrate of the paint and on the quality of the facade coating and how it is applied. KEIM ecofriendly, and sustainable mineral paints create extremely durable facades because the ingredients of these silicate paints are extremely UV-stable. KEIM is a light reflecting, non-fade paint that is non-toxic. The oldest known originally preserved KEIM facade coatings are already more than 100 years old today. Their durability makes them a natural choice as both exterior masonry paint, and interior house paints.

Mineral paints such as our silicate paints are also subject to ageing. Paints age with a continuously constant loss of layer thickness, which means that they become thinner over decades and weather naturally. In comparison to conventional paints or sustainable paints with silicone resin binders, when silicate paints are applied correctly, they do not become brittle or crack. As a result, water is prevented from penetrating the facade, eliminating spalling of the coating.


Mineral exterior masonry paint coatings by KEIM are also vapour permeable.  This means that moisture can move in and out unhindered, allowing moist facades to dry out quickly.  The swift drying properties together with the other characteristics of our paints also make the facade fungi and algae resistant, thus imparting natural mould protection. In brief: KEIM eco mineral paints are ideal in terms of building physics and are perfectly suited for use as an exterior masonry paint!  In addition, mineral paints are also antistatic and non-thermoplastic, which makes it harder for dirt particles to settle on the surface. Durable, clean facades with long-term colour stability are guaranteed with our silicate paints! With their mineral-matt surface they also score highly in terms of aesthetics and beauty.

Our silicate paints all share the common properties of being extremely weatherproof, lightfast, and UV-stable, highly vapour permeable, non-flammable and particularly economic in consumption. They are also environmentally friendly! Their mineral-matt surface appearance opens up great scope for design, depending on the building, structural circumstances, and personal choice. We will gladly help you with our know-how covering all aspects of exterior paints or facade paints and other technical information with the assistance of our data sheets.


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