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Concrete systems

KEIM Concretal-Black: The deepest black for concrete

KEIM Concretal-Black is a sol-silicate paint in various shades of black for concrete surfaces.

Black facades are a statement of our time

Setting individual and powerful accents in five shades of Black. KEIM Concretal-Black opens up new dimensions in designing concrete. KEIM Concretal-Black is absolutely light-resistent, UV-stable and highlights the natural beauty of concrete.

Key benefits of KEIM Concretal-Black

  • Intense, deep black
  • Absolutely UV-stable: black remains black!
  • Mineral matt aesthetic appearance

KEIM Concretal-Black system products

KEIM Concretal-Black

Sol-silicate paint for a covering coat in a deep black. Especially for the design of concrete surfaces. Provides for aesthetic, intensely black surfaces. Available in five different shades of black.

Colour shade
Purity, Forest, Pearl, Eclipse, Aurora
airless sprayer, paint brush, roller
approx. 0,38 kg/mยฒ for two coatings.
KEIM Concretal-Fixativ

Thinner for KEIM Concretal-Lasur, KEIM Concretal-W, KEIM Concretal-W-Grob, KEIM Concretal-Black and KEIM Contact-Plus.

Colour shade
paint brush
approx. 0,15 l/mยฒ for application as primer.
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