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KEIM XSulation-STAR: Insulation with lasting protection

KEIM XSulation-STAR stands for more sustainability in facade insulation. The biocide-free, mineral coating structure protects the facade and the environment. Maximum long-term durability protects buildings and conserves resources. Efficient insulation materials save energy and protect the climate. Sustainable. Responsible. KEIM.

KEIM XSulation-STAR protects the climate, environment and resources

Climate protection

Facade insulation with KEIM XSulation-STAR leads to significantly lower consumption of heating energy and thus reduces not only heating costs but also CO2 emissions. KEIM XSulation-STAR also makes buildings low-temperature-ready and thus creates the necessary conditions for the efficient use of renewable energies (e.g. for operating heat pumps).

Environmental protection

KEIM XSulation-STAR is completely biocide-free. The mineral system products are also all based on natural raw materials. With its Cradle to Cradle Certifiedยฎ Silver-Certification, the sol-silicate faรงade paint KEIM Twinstar emphasises the outstanding ecological profile of the system. das herausragende ร–koprofil des Systems.

Resource protection

KEIM XSulation-STAR impresses with its extremely long service life. KEIM XSulation-STAR owes this to the fully mineralised coating structure and the sustainable, innovative 2in1 top coat with KEIM Twinstar. The long service life extends necessary renovation cycles, saves money and thus optimises resource efficiency. In every respect.

More sustainability in thermal insulation

The facade insulation of buildings has long since become indispensable, because without it our houses simply consume too much heating energy. Insulating saves energy and CO2. But not all insulation is the same. In addition to the insulation values, the service life and materiality of the individual products also influence the sustainability profile of insulation. Choosing the right insulation system is the basis for future life in a sustainably protected environment.

Sustainable insulation with the right system

KEIM XSulation-STAR not only impresses with its sustainability, but also with its simple configuration. Choose your favourite insulation material, decide on the thickness of the reinforcement and then rely on the unique surface of KEIM XSulation-STAR.

The advantages of KEIM XSulation-STAR:

  • Free choice of insulating materials
  • Fully mineral coating structure
  • CO2-reduced finishing render
  • Biocide-free surfaces
  • Recyclable, C2C-certified coating
  • Unlimited design options

KEIM XSulation-STAR - The most sustainable insulation system from KEIM

Easy to configure - select your components:

1. Insulation material

Non-flammable with mineral wool

- With additional CO2 storage thanks to wood fibre

Favourably priced with EPS

3. Premium top coat

The best choice with the biocide-free, mineral coating structure with maximum long-term durability:

KEIM Brillantputz

KEIM Brillantputz as a finishing render.


KEIM Twinstar

Innovative 2in1 functional coating for sol-silicate-based facades.




KEIM XSulation-STARยฎ

It's the surface that matters: KEIM XSulation-STAR - the premium insulation system for protection and sustainability. (German version only)


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