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Perfectly equipped everywhere with KEIM sprinter products

Wouldn't it be handy to have the material you need on the construction sites over and over again at hand at all times?


Simple, safe and fast - KEIM sprinter products

Reduce material diversity and complexity and rely on Sprinter products from KEIM. A decision for safety, fast availability and high economic efficiency. Open the door, put in the Sprinter products and off you go to the construction site. With Sprinter products in the hold, you are perfectly equipped for your construction sites and can handle many applications in the shortest possible time.

Get to know the sprinter products in Germany and experience true partnership in the trade with KEIM.

You can recognise KEIM sprinter products by the sprinter logo.

(Note: Our sprinter products are only available in Germany and Austria)



Sprinter products

Get to know our sprinter products!

(This brochure is only available in German language)

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For painters

Our sprinter products at a glance

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