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News | 10.09.2023

We celebrate 40 years of KEIM Biosil!


It all began 40 years ago...

The year is 1983: In the USA, the Federal Communications Commission approves the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, the world's first mobile phone weighing 800 grams. Music lovers can buy a CD player for the first time. The Swatch watch brand is introduced. And KEIM introduces Biosil, the world's first silicate-based interior paint for healthy living - without the addition of solvents and preservatives, breathable and mould-resistant.

It is now well known how buildings can positively influence the health of their occupants through their construction and the use of healthy building materials. But 40 years ago, Biosil was a niche product that was initially developed for sensitive areas such as hospitals, schools and kindergartens. Until then, silicate paints were used almost exclusively for exterior applications. Here, their diffusion openness was particularly appreciated. So why shouldn't this feature also be used indoors, where there is a lot of moisture and thus a high risk of mould growth.

KEIM Biosil - The healthy solution for living spaces

A 4-person household produces around 12 litres of moisture daily when living through showering, cooking, drying laundry and the normal air we breathe. Added to this are highly insulating building materials, double-glazed windows and reduced ventilation. From a building physics point of view, a high water vapour diffusion capacity is the most important criterion for a balanced moisture balance. KEIM silicate paints are extremely permeable to water vapour. Moisture contained in the building structure can be released unhindered and quickly to the outside. Walls painted with KEIM Biosil remain "breathable" and dry even under high moisture loads. Air humidity cannot condense on the walls. This largely excludes the formation of mould, for example behind cupboards, on window reveals or in bathrooms. Especially in living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms, this gives you the good feeling that you are doing something essential for your health. There are no unpleasant odours from solvents, and the room can be used again without restriction immediately after painting. Moreover, mineral wall paints are not flammable. In case of fire, this means: maximum safety, no toxic gases and no burning drips - this is confirmed by fire tests in Germany and Great Britain.

As early as 1986, the first indoor air hygiene measurements at the Health Centre North in Arhus confirm the excellent performance of KEIM Biosil. In 1998, TรœV Sรผddeutschland tests KEIM Biosil according to the strict criteria of the UT 21 environmental standard and awards the product the TรœV environmental seal accordingly. In 2003, KEIM Biosil is awarded the "Suitable for Allergy Sufferers" seal of approval by the German Institute for Environment and Health (IUG) and one year later is the first wall paint ever to be awarded the "natureplus" environmental seal.

KEIM is a role model for healthy and aesthetic interior paints

However, KEIM's claim to produce sustainable, healthy interior paints without the addition of preservatives, solvents or plasticisers is not limited to Biosil. KEIM offers a complete range of interior paints in all three wet abrasion classes, with which every room becomes an aesthetically valuable, healthy and safe living environment.

All KEIM interior paints have been awarded the Cradle to Cradle Certifiedยฎ Silver certification in 2022 as well as the C2C Certified Material Health Certificate Level Gold. Gold certification from the independent Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute in San Francisco is only awarded to products that do not contain any substances from the list of banned chemicals and that are not hazardous to health or the environment.


"As a company, we also understand our social responsibility as a commitment to building materials that are harmless to health. Biosil started the success story of silicate paints for interiors, without knowing at the time that healthy living would turn from being a niche topic to a megatrend."

Bettina Heyne, Division Manager Marketing & Innovation, KEIMFARBEN GmbH

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