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Wood systems

KEIM Lignosil-Artis: Mineral Thin Film Paint for Wood

Easy to renovate for problem-free and economical facade maintenance.

Innovation meets tradition

With KEIM Lignosil-Artis, we are supplementing the product range with a mineral thin-layer paint that emphasises the structure of rough-sawn, fine-textured or structure-planed wood surfaces. With KEIM Lignosil-Artis it is possible to protect and design wooden facades quickly and efficiently with maximum UV stability. Since silicate paint applications do not form a film, the "mineralised" wood surface can be renovated rationally and easily even after many years, even only partially. KEIM Lignosil-Artis thus creates the prerequisite for problem-free and cost-effective facade maintenance.

Advantages of KEIM Lignosil-Artis

  • Easy processing
  • Very fast drying
  • Suitable for rational industrial coating
  • Low consumption (two-coat without primer)
  • Easy cleaning of production equipment
  • Absolutely UV-stable and lightfast
  • Without the addition of plasticisers, film protection agents and solvents
  • Absolutely open to diffusion and not film-forming
  • Easy to renovate - even partially
  • Creative design potential

(Note: This product is only available in Switzerland!)

KEIM Lignosil-Artis system products

KEIM Lignosil-Artis

KEIM Lignosil-Artis is an opaque silicate thin-layer paint for non dimensional and limited dimensional wood components, which is absolutely UV-stable pigmented and underlines the structure of rough sawn and structure planed surfaces. KEIM Lignosil-Artis is awarded with Cradle to Cradle Certifiedยฎ Silver and C2C Certified Material Health Certificateโ„ข Gold.

Colour shade
Colour shades are available.
paint brush, roller, airless sprayer, painting machine, vacuum coating system, block brush
0,2 L/mยฒ for two coatings.
Type of containerContainer contentUnit of measure
tin bucket5L
tin bucket20L
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