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KEIM Mineral Wool Insulation Panels

KEIM mineral wool insulation panels are specialised and authorised for use in KEIM Exterior Thermal Insulation Composite Systems. The reliable adherence to the required properties is ensured through regular monitoring at the production facilities.

Facade insulation in the form of KEIM mineral-wool insulation panels is sustainable and durable, while offering excellent heat, sound and fire protection, helping to reduce the amount of energy used and lowering CO2 emissions, being recyclable and also having a positive life cycle assessment.

All insulation panels are inflammable A1 (DIN EN 13501-1).

Products overview

KEIM Reveal-Top-MW

Colour shade
1,0 m/m
Packaging Accessory
Product namePieces per unitPanel thickness [mm]ProjectionContent per sold unit [m]
KEIM Reveal-Top-MW 24/155 6x1350624155 mm8.10
KEIM Reveal-Top-MW 24/195 6x1350624195 mm8.10
KEIM Reveal-Top-MW 24/300 6x1350624300 mm8.10
Packaging additional info
Objektbezogene LΓ€ngen bestellbar. Andere LΓ€ngen und Ausladungen auf Anfrage.
Mesh width
4 x 4 mm
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