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News | 12.04.2024

'Premium colour. Optimal insulation.'

'Premium colour. Optimal insulation' - KEIM starts ETICS campaign.

There are many good reasons for building owners to insulate: the need for cosiness, increasing the value of the property or saving on heating costs. At the same time, there is an enormous social challenge. Climate change is present and the consequences affect us all. The desire to protect the environment and climate has never been stronger than it is today. Buildings play a key role in this. That is why the EU's Green Deal focuses on reducing the energy consumption of buildings and the associated greenhouse gas emissions. This is where thermal insulation comes into play. Energy efficiency is standard in new buildings. The central challenge lies in the intelligent, sustainable management of existing buildings. The option for the future must be to preserve what already exists, continue to build and at the same time protect resources and the climate.

KEIM's mineral thermal insulation systems have been proving their worth for decades. Their development has been accompanied by innovative solutions such as the first biocide-free, hydroactive insulation system KEIM AquaROYAL over 15 years ago.

Under the slogan 'Premium colour. Optimal insulation.'  KEIM is launching an ETICS campaign. In addition to ecological insulation materials, the focus here is on durable and sustainable ETICS surfaces. This is because the service life of an insulation system is largely determined by the quality of the surface. It is the outer protective shell for the insulation layer underneath. KEIM's purely mineral render and paint systems fulfil the highest requirements in terms of building physics, weather resistance, economy and environmental compatibility. Due to their natural alkalinity, silicate paints are antistatic and remain clean and beautiful for a long time - without any harmful biocides. All facade paints have received Cradle to Cradle Certifiedยฎ Silver certification and have also been awarded the Gold Material Health Certificate. KEIM also offers a 20-year colour guarantee on the "classics" in facade coatings.

KEIM presents two new insulation systems

KEIM is presenting two new, innovative insulation systems at the FAF in Cologne:

KEIM XSulation-STAR: The system stands for more sustainability in thermal insulation:

  • Climate protection: Facade insulation with KEIM XSulation-STAR leads to significantly lower consumption of heating energy and reduces not only heating costs but also CO2 emissions. This creates the conditions for buildings that are low-temperature-ready and enable the effective use of renewable energies.
  • Environmental protection: The system is free of biocides. All mineral system products are based on natural raw materials. The sol-silicate faรงade paint KEIM Twinstar emphasises the outstanding ecological profile of the system with its C2C certification.
  • Resource conservation: KEIM XSulation-STAR impresses with its extremely long service life and cost-effectiveness thanks to extended renovation cycles, thus optimising resource efficiency.

KEIM XSulation-STAR not only impresses with its sustainability, but also with its simple configuration. Customers can choose from mineral wool, wood fibre or EPS insulation materials. The system can be reinforced in both thick and thin layers. The combination of the mineral,CO2-optimised finishing render KEIM Brillantputz with the innovative 2in1 functional coating on a sol-silicate basis KEIM Twinstar offers a biocide-free, mineral coating structure with maximum long-term durability and at the same time accelerated construction progress.

KEIM ETICS with wood fibre

Wood has the potential to become the building material of the 21st century. One of the many areas of application is wood fibre insulation (HFD) - and not just in timber frame construction. The new lightweight wood fibre boards make insulation particularly attractive for solid construction in the renovation of detached and semi-detached houses. Wood fibres have excellent insulating properties and an outstanding ecological balance. The insulating material wood fibre ensures a double CO2 reduction. At first during growth as a raw material through photosynthesis and secondly through energy savings in the insulation system. Together with the mineral, biocide-free render and paint systems from KEIM, facades can be insulated in a particularly durable and sustainable way.

Easy to install - more information on installing wood fibre insulation can be found on the following page.

Professional ETICS team

In addition to the innovative products and systems, KEIM offers special services with a team of ETICS professionals, including individual performance specifications, building physics calculations, specialists for construction supervision and colour and design concepts from the KEIM Colour Studio.

It is a challenging task to combine attractive faรงade design with functionality, building physics requirements, ecology and sustainability. Thanks to the fully mineral, recyclable coating structure and its extreme durability, KEIM thermal insulation systems achieve this in a very special way.

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