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Blog | 12.07.2022

KEIM Italy introduces itself

KEIM Italy was founded in 1988 as an independent KEIM subsidiary. The steady growth of the company made several relocations necessary in the years up to 2005. Since then, the Italian KEIM subsidiary has been based in Schabs (South Tyrol). 

History of KEIM paints in Italy

KEIM's mineral paints have been used in Italy for over 100 years. KEIM's silicate paints are particularly popular for historic buildings. As early as the 1930s, there were KEIM branches in Milan and Rome. The oldest facades that are still in their original form date from this period.

Testimony to the historical roots of Keimfarben in Italy are our historical colour charts (please see below).

KEIM Italy today

Today we employ 16 people at KEIM in Italy, 9 of whom work at our branch in Natz-Schabs in South Tyrol. In addition to our own employees, there are also 15 sales representatives spread across the entire national territory. With their many years of experience, they support planners, processors and building owners in the implementation of their building projects. 

The application spectrum of our paints in Italy has changed in the meantime and has become more versatile: Our paints are used for listed buildings as well as for interiors and facades. Our sustainable products are also becoming increasingly popular for private and public new construction projects and on concrete and wood surfaces.

Meet the team

This is the KEIM team from the Italian branch in Natz-Schabs near Brixen (South Tyrol).

KEIM Point Milano

In 2021, the first KEIM branch office was also opened. In the so-called "KEIM Point Milano" in Pero, not only are products mixed and distributed, but the branch also offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in the mineral world of KEIM.

Interested parties can get to know the entire KEIM product world with its plasters, fillers, slurries, paints and glazes. 

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