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Blog | 22.09.2022

KEIM Lignosilยฎ-Verano: Not a matter of age

Greyed wooden facades have a special charm. However, it can take decades to achieve the uniform silver-grey appearance familiar from exposed mountain huts in the Alps. Until then, you have to live with uncontrolled weathering and an uneven look - or coat it.

The advantages and disadvantages are obvious: Untreated wood changes unevenly, but you save on maintenance. Treated surfaces remain visually unchanged, but the maintenance effort due to the necessary upkeep is considerable, because - once you paint, you always have to paint.

There is now an elegant way out of this dilemma: With KEIM Lignosil-Verano, a silicate-based surface treatment has been developed that gives wooden facades a naturally beautiful old wood character with a silver-grey patina effect from day one. By deliberately foregoing a protective function, a coat of Lignosil-Verano fades into natural greying over time. 

The special feature: KEIM Lignosil-Verano is absolutely biocide- and solvent-free, the treated surfaces remain open to diffusion. In combination with the fast drying and easy application, Lignosil-Verano becomes a particularly economical and sustainable system. 

Projects from Switzerland are the proof

Wood knows no borders - in Germany as well as in Switzerland, wood is a valuable ecological building material with a future. In Switzerland, a lot of emphasis is placed on quality and durability - as these Swiss projects impressively demonstrate.

  • Region: Belfaux (Switzerland)
  • Colour shade: 4832
  • Wood: Siberian Larch
  • Age: approx. 3 years

  • Region: Knonau (Switzerland)
  • Colour shade: 4259M
  • Wood: Siberian Larch
  • Age: approx. 10 years

  • Region: Kreuzlingen TG (Switzerland)
  • Colour Shade: 4890
  • Age: approx. 3 years

  • Region: Thalwil (Switzerland)
  • Colour Shade: 4259M
  • Wood: Western Red Zedar
  • Age: approx. 5 years

  • Region: Rafz (Switzerland)
  • Colour Shade: 4863
  • Age: approx. 8 years


KEIM Lignosil-Verano Colour Shades

Naturally beautiful wooden facades


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