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Healthy interior paints for children’s rooms

Children spend a lot of their time in their rooms. Toxic substances in paints and wallpapers, furniture and toys and mould or cigarette smoke all contribute to air pollution in these rooms. This is particularly dangerous for children as they are more sensitive to polluting substances which pose a considerable health risk.

Ecological interior paints by KEIM contain no added solvents, plasticisers or preservatives. KEIM interior paints naturally inhibit growth of mould, without containing harmful substances that could be emitted into the room. For children’s rooms KEIM paints are available in white and many other shades from blue and green to yellow. This wide range of colours gives free rein to your ideas for designing bright and healthy children’s rooms.

Children's rooms

Which paints are suitable for a child's room?

A children's room should be somewhere that exudes peace and security and puts your child in a good mood. Most people prefer to use light colours such as pastels or delicate blue shades.  Bright colours are less popular.

Experts recommend that colours chosen for a children's room should be neither too bright nor too gloomy. Different colours can be used for children's rooms in accordance with the child’s gender, age, and character.

Colours with calming effects are advisable for babies and toddlers or very active children, such as particularly soft pastel shades or colours with a high content of white. For example green or beige, light blue shades or light grey or rose. To help small children to wind down, it is better to avoid strong, stimulating colours such as red, orange, yellow or pink.

Lighter, calming colours create a great learning environment for school children, enhancing their powers of concentration and delaying fatigue while working. Whereas bolder colours on individual walls can have positive effects when calmer children do their homework.

Our tip: a nice orange colour stimulates creativity and helps children to solve tricky tasks. Green always has a balancing, calming effect, while also stimulating the creative streak.

Trending colours for children room 2024

  • KEIM Avantgarde 140
  • KEIM Avantgarde 30
  • KEIM Avantgarde 40
  • KEIM Avantgarde 92

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