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KEIM exterior insulation systems

Mineral-based, durable and effective

Exterior insulation - for a pleasant indoor climate and energy saving

Buildings are among the biggest energy users. Poorly insulated facades, or facades with no insulation whatsoever, are responsible for up to 40 % of energy loss. Nice and warm during the winter, pleasantly cool during the summer. In a well-insulated house, a healthy and balanced climate exists all year round. In cold weather, the temperature on the inside of uninsulated exterior walls falls significantly: we not only feel the "draught", but there is also the danger of mould forming. This effect can be prevented with heat insulation, meaning that you can enjoy a cosy feeling and healthy room climate throughout the entire year.

Energy- and resource-saving construction - Act today with your eyes on tomorrow

Sustainable building is a commitment of today's generations to secure a future worth living for following generations. Optimal thermal protection with KEIM ETICS systems stands for sustainable energy savings and active environmental protection.

Whether inside or outside - ETIC systems offer the following benefits:

  • Protects and saves the existing building fabric
  • Creates a comfortable and healthy living environment
  • Increases the value of the property
  • Ensures affordable housing

Careful craftsmanship of the external insulation systems is the most effective way to reduce the energy consumption of a building. KEIM offers professional systems for professional processors! The long service life of the mineral products proves to be particularly economical for the client. A wide range of mineral colours, absolutely UV-stable and brilliant shades, various plaster structures, traditional and lively colourewashes and classic facade profiles.

Important facts to know

Can my house still breathe despite insulation

Mineral systems are open to diffusion, which allows sufficient moisture balance to take place over the entire wall. The moisture that has penetrated from the masonry can escape again in this way. If diffusion is not ensured, the insulation system can become damp and this can lead to a deterioration of the insulation effect and considerable damage. With KEIM thermal insulation systems you are on the safe side here.

Thermal bridges

Errors in execution lead to thermal bridges. Thermal bridges are areas where more heat is locally dissipated than on the surrounding surfaces. This promotes the formation of mould.

Protection against algae and fungi

Biocides are often used to protect against algae and fungi. As biocides are water-soluble, they are washed out with the rain and thus not only become ineffective, but also enter our environment via rainwater. The KEIM AquaRoyal system ensures a minimised risk of algae and fungi due to a new system technology with its hydroactive and biocide-free characteristics.

KEIM Anchor and mounting element configurator

The new KEIM anchor and mounting element configurator makes it easy to select the optimum fastening solution for every application. In just a few steps you are guided through the program and get the right anchor and/or the right mounting element for the respective application of your building project. 


Various insulation materials

Mineral wool

Mineral wool insulation boards are primarily made from naturally occurring rocks and are therefore non-flammable. It is also possible to apply dark colours on systems with mineral wool boards or rock mineral wool boards. In the field of mineral wool KEIM AquaRoyal-MW is outstanding for maximum moisture management which reduces algae and mould.

Recycling instead of landfill

Learn more about our sustainable partnership between KEIM and Rockwool, the worldโ€™s leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation.
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Polystyrene (EPS) is used in more than 50% of all insulation applications today. This insulation material is easy to process. The systems are normally flammable or equipped with a special fire retardant. Even dark coloured KEIM coatings can be applied to EPS. Reservations against the use of EPS are mainly due to its fire protection properties.

Mineral wool insulation panels

KEIM mineral wool insulation boards are specialised and approved for use in KEIM external thermal insulation composite systems. Faรงade insulation with wood fibre insulation boards offers excellent thermal and sound insulation, helps to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, is recyclable and has a very positive ecological balance.

Overview of KEIM ETICS

Dark colour shades on ETICS

Nearly every colour is possible!

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Biocid-free insulation system

KEIM AquaRoyalยฎ sets new standards.

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Inform you about your possibilities with KEIM ETICS!

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Designing ETICS facades in an interesting way

Insulation that is impressive!

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VDPM's "Exterior Wall Guide"

The VDPM's "Exterior Wall Guide" brochure offers a good decision-making aid for all modernisers and builders and answers current questions such as: How do you insulate solid exterior walls? Which solution is the right one for my building project? When are fire protection measures necessary? And how do I ensure that the faรงade remains intact for a long time?

It offers support in choosing the right wall construction and provides comprehensive information on options for energy modernisation of facades. The brochure can be ordered free of charge at www.vdpm.de or can be viewed online.

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Data sheets

KEIM Detailzeichnungen

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