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Painting your home

Healthy interior paints for the children's room

Children spend most of their time in rooms such as their children's room. Toxic substances in paints and wallpapers, furniture or toys and also mould or cigarette smoke all make a contribution to polluting the air in the children's room. This is dangerous for children in particular, as they are more sensitive to the polluting substances, posing a considerable health risk for both younger and older children.

Our ecological interior paints by KEIM contain no added solvents, plasticisers or preservative substances. This means that in every room and on every wall, our paints inhibit the growth of mould naturally – without containing harmful substances that could be emitted into the room air. For children's rooms full of colour, for playing and learning and simply feeling good. Our healthy interior paints are available in white and many other shades from blue and green to yellow. The wide range of colours lets you give free rein to your ideas for designing the children's room.

Children's room

Which paints are suitable for a children's room?

Most children have a favourite colour, though it may not necessarily be ideal for a children's room. Basically, the children's room should always be somewhere that exudes peace and security and puts your child in a good mood. Most people therefore like to use light colours such as pastel or delicate blue shades. Bright colours are less popular.

Experts recommend that the colours chosen for the children's room should be neither too bright nor too gloomy. Different colours can be used for the walls in the children's room in accordance with the child’s gender, age and character.

A colour with a calming effect is advisable for babies and toddlers or very active children. Here it is a good idea to opt for particularly soft pastel shades or colours with a high content of white, such as green or beige, light blue shades or also light grey or rose. To make it easier for little children to wind down, it is better to avoid stronger, stimulating colours such as red, orange, yellow or pink on the walls of the children's room. Toys often make it a lively, colourful place anyway.

If the child-friendly colours seem too boring, the walls can be decorated with stickers or pictures – here there are no limits to your creative ideas. Lighter, calming colours also create a better learning environment for school children, enhancing their powers of concentration and delaying fatigue while working. On the other hand, bolder colours on individual walls can also have positive effects when calmer children do their homework.

Our tip: a nice orange stimulates creativity and helps children to solve tricky tasks. Green always has a balancing, calming effect, while also stimulating the creative streak at the same time.

Trending colours for children room 2022

  • KEIM Avantgarde 140
  • KEIM Avantgarde 30
  • KEIM Avantgarde 40
  • KEIM Avantgarde 92

Find the right colour quickly and easily

Get inspired by the KEIM colour tool

Browsing through colour charts can be very helpful and inspiring when it comes to getting a first impression of what colour you personally would like to see on your walls.

With our KEIM colour tool, you can experience the variety of mineral colour shades in just one application from the comfort of your own home.

In addition, you can use our colour tool to quickly, easily and conveniently determine shade details, price groups as well as feasibilities of KEIM products and colour shades. 

Have fun browsing!

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