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www.keim.ch is a website of Keimfarben AG. The overall responsibility for the Internet portal lies with Keimfarben AG.

Editorial office and contact address:

Wiesentalstrasse 6
9425 Thal
Phone: +41 71 737 70 10 
Fax: +41 71 737 70 19
E-mail: info@keim.ch

Personally liable partner: KEIMFARBEN AG 
Managing Director: Thomas Klug

Imprint Portugal

Em cumprimento do artigo 10.º da Lei 34/2002, de 11 de julho, dos Serviços da Sociedade da Informação e Comércio Eletrónico (doravante LSSI), informamos:

Titular da pÑgina de internet: KEIM ECOPAINT IBÉRICA, S.L. (doravante "KEIM")

Morada: Octavio Lacante 55 (Polígono Industrial Can Magarola), CP: 08100 - Mollet del Vallès (Barcelona), Espanha.

NΓΊmero de pessoa coletiva: B-59124958.

Liability notice

The content of our website is carefully checked on an ongoing basis. Nevertheless, we cannot provide any guarantee that it is complete, accurate and fully up-to-date. KEIMFARBEN is also not responsible for the content of websites linked from our website. A reference by means of a hyperlink also does not constitute a recommendation of the linked site, the company operating it or the company's products. The same applies to links made by third parties to our website; we furthermore have no influence on such links. Liability claims arising from the use of our internet presence are excluded unless we have acted with willful or gross negligence. KEIMFARBEN retains the right at any time to make amendments or additions to the information provided.


All media content of the website such as photos, graphics, logos, texts, videos and all other constituent parts of the website are subject to the copyright of the company KEIMFARBEN GMBH, Keimstraße 16, 86420 Diedorf, Germany or the corresponding licensors. Copying and use of the data for other purposes requires approval in writing.
The KEIMFARBEN logo is a registered trademark and is subject to the sign of protection. 

Image credits

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3d Rendering schwarzes Ledersofa im grΓΌnen Loft (black couch in a red loft)Β© [virtua73] – Fotolia.com
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Bedroom blue walls Β© [spacejoy] - unsplash.com
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Room renovation concept Β© [r.classen] – shutterstock.com
Bedroom white walls Β© [Katarzyna Bialasiewicz] | Dreamstime.com
Newsletter tablet Β© [maicasaa] – shutterstock.com
Young family with two small children indoors in bedroom reading a book Β©[halfpoint]– stock.adobe.com
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Green tree surrounded by residential buildings Β©[TommL]  - istockphoto.com
Happy boy on father's shoulders in front of their home Β©[Michelle Fraikin/Westend61]- stock.adobe.com
Interior of stylish office with modern workplace, golden lamp and yellow wall Β©[Pixel-Shot]- stock.adobe.com
Father and daughter hiking in forest on sunny day Β©[Westend61 on Offset] – shutterstock.com
Smiling affectionate couple in garden of their home Β©[Westend61 on Offset] – shutterstock.com


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