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Exterior paints

KEIM UNIKRISTALAT – Innovation for monument preservation

KEIM Unikristalat can be particularly used on less strong renders or on renders that are relatively thin.

Single-component and uncompromisingly mineral

With the debut of KEIM Unikristalat, it has been made possible to create a purely silicate-bound facade paint which, even without the addition of dispersion binding agents, sets with far less tension than the classic two-component system.

Key benefits

  • Ready-to-use formula
  • Pure, inorganic pigments
  • Without the addition of dispersion binding agents 

KEIM Unikristalat system products

KEIM Unikristalat

Single-component, pure silicate paint in accordance with DIN EN 1062-1. Dispersion- and titanium dioxide-free formulation, especially for renovation of historic buildings or in ecological housing. For mineral substrates (also on old dispersion silicate coatings). Without addition of hydrophobing agents.

Colour shade
White and colour shades. For feasibility see colour tool at www.keim.com.
paint brush, roller, airless sprayer
approx. 0,55 kg/mΒ² for two coatings.

KEIM Fixativ

Pure, liquid potassium silicate, without organic additives, primers and thinners.

Colour shade
clear, yellowish
paint brush
approx. 0,1 l/mΒ² (and approx. 0.1 l/mΒ² water). for application as primer.
Type of containerContainer contentUnit of measureQuantity on pallet
tin bucket24l14
tin can4l96
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