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Creating and preserving values with KEIM paints

Ecological, economical and also social aspects are central challenges encountered in housing construction. We at KEIM help you with sustainable products and comprehensive services. An attractive colour scheme is a key criterion for giving residents more of a feel-good atmosphere and enhances the residential value of a complex in the long term.

More than 140 years of know-how

Products by KEIM offer more than 140 years of know-how and experience. Their unique quality has been demonstrated for decades by countless projects all over the world. We see ourselves as pioneers in mineral building protection systems, with expertise, experience and passion. In addition to pure coating products, our range includes mineral renders and fillers, wood systems, products for concrete repair and concrete cosmetics, thermal insulation systems for interior and exterior use and natural stone systems.

With our know-how as world market leader for silicate paints, we will gladly help you with your projects, offering advice and numerous services. We assist with efficient planning and perfect implementation of your projects:

  • Checking substrates
  • Colour consulting
  • Professional team for ETICS and IDS
  • Special diagnosis of concrete buildings
  • Expert reports and plans of action

The benefits of KEIM paints at a glance

KEIM paints are economical

Silicate paints by KEIM are unrivalled in terms of durability and colour stability. Even after decades, KEIM facade coatings are still visually and functionally convincing. They therefore offer long-term savings. Longer renovation cycles make fewer demands on maintenance provisions.

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KEIM paints are ecological and sustainable

Today, the sustainability of building products is more important than ever. KEIM products are made from natural raw materials. Mineral paints by KEIM have an outstanding ecological profile from raw material extraction via production, application and the entire life-cycle through to disposal. Short delivery chains further improve the carbon footprint while enhancing the sustainability of our products. Our sustainability data sheets provide all information in one place.

Mineral products by KEIM are free of emissions and offer optimum building physics attributes. They create ideal prerequisites for a healthy room climate and genuine quality of life. We always have been the pioneers among paint manufacturers when it comes to healthy living.

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KEIM paints are safe

Not even the flame of a welding torch can ignite KEIM silicate paints. This ensures maximum safety in the event of a fire, with no release of toxic gases. Silicate paints are therefore particularly suitable for public buildings.

KEIM paints are dirt-resistant

In the long term, facades painted with KEIM products also remain clean for longer. Compared to conventional paints with organic binders, the advantage of silicate paints is that they are antistatic and non-thermoplastic. This makes it hard for dirt particles to adhere to the surface.

KEIM paints inhibit the growth of mould and algae

Silicate paints by KEIM are highly vapour permeable. Moisture contained in the building structure can be emitted unhindered and quickly to the outside by our paints. Annoying moisture build up and long-term consequences such as frost damage and spalling on the facade are therefore avoided. Their vapour permeability and alkaline composition also ensure that they naturally inhibit the growth of mould and algae.

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Cradle to Cradle โ€“ KEIM as a role model for healthy, circular products

With the Cradle to Cradle Certifiedยฎ certificates in silver for 65 products in the product groups exterior paints, interior paints, wood and concrete systems, KEIM takes the lead in construction industry. This accounts for more than 80 % of KEIMโ€™s paint sales. All products have also been awarded the C2C Certified Material Health Certificate at the Gold level. Gold certification from the independent Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute in San Francisco is only awarded to products that do not contain any substances from the list of banned chemical substances and that pose no risk to health or the environment. 

Architects, processors and contractors can thus choose from a comprehensive range of Cradle to Cradle certified paint systems to design buildings in new construction and renovation with demonstrably circular, healthy and durable coatings. Once again, we are demonstrating our pioneering role in sustainability. 

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