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News | 04.04.2024

KEIM containers made from recycled material: recyclable, sustainable, resource-saving

For more than 140 years, KEIMFARBEN's business activities have been characterised by the concept of sustainability. The aim of harmonising people, space and the environment goes beyond purely mineral building products and is made up of a wide variety of measures. At the same time as the cradle-to-cradle certification of over 60 products, KEIM is gradually converting its containers to post-consumer recyclate (PCR). Over 80 per cent is now made from recycled plastic. This makes a valuable contribution to the circular economy, saving CO2 emissions and important fossil resources such as crude oil. According to the manufacturer, depending on the size of the container, between 0.3 and 0.4 kg of CO2 can be saved per bucket if the container has a volume of 12.5 litres.

The plastic recyclates for paint buckets are usually obtained from household or commercial collections, e.g. the yellow bin. The waste is sorted, washed and processed into granulate, which is then used as a raw material for new packaging. Due to the varying colour composition of the collected plastic waste, the buckets are produced in a grey colour. For reasons of sustainability and in the sense of the circular economy, KEIM refrains from colouring the PCR buckets in KEIM's characteristic red. However, to ensure brand identity, the majority of the surface - apart from the edge of the bucket - is covered by brand-specific IML (in-mould labelling). KEIM's recyclate containers can be recognised by the grey rim of the bucket. 

With the recyclate containers, KEIMFARBEN offers sustainable packaging that is in no way inferior to the material properties of containers made from virgin plastics and makes a further clear statement about the protection of resources and our environment.

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