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New construction in Kirchenfeldmatt (Muri)

In Kirchenfeldmatt in the Swiss municipality of Muri, 104 owner-occupied and 42 rental flats have been built. Dachtler Partner Architekten created sixteen simple structures that offer maximum open and green space despite the loss of nature. Together with JΓΆrg Niederberger, the facades were designed with vertical grooved plaster, using alternating, complementary shades of biocide-free mineral paint. Niederberger focused on the design potential of plaster structures and colours, with the colour mood varying depending on the viewing angle and distance. The colours appear grey from a distance and gain in intensity as you get closer.

Dachtler Partner AG
Leuthard Immobilien AG, Merenschwand
Daniel Sutter, ZΓΌrich
Kirchenfeldmatt, Switzerland
  • Brillantputz
  • EPS- DΓ€mmplatten
  • AquaROYAL-Color
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